Stocks in the Technology Sector

The energy sector is a category of stocks that relate to producing or supplying energy. The energy sector or industry includes companies involved in the exploration and development of oil or gas reserves, oil and gas drilling, and refining. The energy industry also includes integrated power utility companies such as renewable energy and coal.


Symbol Grade Industry
AAOI Semiconductors
AAPL Consumer Electronics
ACIA Communication Equipment
ACIW Software - Application
ACLS Semiconductor Equipment & Materials
ACMR Semiconductor Equipment & Materials
ACN Information Technology Services
ADBE Software - Application
ADI Semiconductors
ADSK Software - Application
ADTN Communication Equipment
AEHR Semiconductor Equipment & Materials
AEIS Electronic Components
AEMD Scientific & Technical Instruments
AEY Electronics Distribution
AEYE Software - Application
AGMH Software - Application
AGYS Software - Application
AIRG Communication Equipment
AKAM Software - Application
AKTS Communication Equipment
ALLT Communication Equipment
ALOT Computer Systems
ALRM Software - Application
ALTR Software - Infrastructure
ALYA Information Technology Services
AMAT Semiconductor Equipment & Materials
AMBA Semiconductor Equipment & Materials
AMD Semiconductors
AMKR Semiconductors
AMOT Electronic Components
AMRH Information Technology Services
AMSC Electronic Components
AMSWA Software - Application
ANET Computer Systems
ANGI Internet Content & Information
ANSS Software - Application
ANY Software - Application
AOSL Semiconductors
APH Electronic Components
API Software - Application
APPF Software - Application
APPN Software - Infrastructure
APPS Software - Application
APWC Electronics Distribution
ARCE Software - Application
ARLO Software - Infrastructure
ARW Electronics Distribution
ASML Semiconductor Equipment & Materials
ASUR Software - Application
ASX Semiconductors
ASYS Semiconductor Equipment & Materials
ATEN Software - Infrastructure
ATHM Internet Content & Information
ATOM Semiconductor Equipment & Materials
ATVI Electronic Gaming & Multimedia
AUDC Communication Equipment
AUTO Internet Content & Information
AVGO Semiconductors
AVGOP Semiconductors
AVID Electronic Gaming & Multimedia
AVLR Software - Application
AVT Electronics Distribution
AWRE Software - Application
AXTI Semiconductor Equipment & Materials
AYI Electronic Components
AYRO Software - Application
AYX Software - Application
AZPN Software - Application
BAND Software - Infrastructure
BB Communication Equipment
BCOV Software - Application
BDC Electronic Components
BDR Communication Equipment
BEEM Solar
BELFA Electronic Components
BELFB Electronic Components
BHAT Electronic Gaming & Multimedia
BHE Contract Manufacturers
BIDU Internet Content & Information
BIGC Software - Application
BILI Internet Content & Information
BILL Software - Application
BITA Internet Content & Information
BKI Software - Infrastructure
BKTI Communication Equipment
BL Software - Infrastructure
BLIN Software - Application
BLKB Software - Application
BMI Scientific & Technical Instruments
BNFT Software - Application
BNSO Scientific & Technical Instruments
BOX Software - Infrastructure
BOXL Communication Equipment
BRKS Semiconductor Equipment & Materials
BRQS Software - Application
BSQR Software - Application
BSY Software—Application
BVSN Software - Application
BW Electronic Components
CACI Information Technology Services
CALX Communication Equipment
CAMP Communication Equipment
CAMT Semiconductor Equipment & Materials
CAN Computer Hardware
CANG Internet Content & Information
CARG Internet Content & Information
CASA Communication Equipment
CBAT Electronic Components
CCMP Semiconductors
CDAY Software - Application
CDK Software - Application
CDLX Internet Content & Information
CDNS Software - Application
CDW Information Technology Services
CERN Health Information Services
CEVA Semiconductors
CGNX Scientific & Technical Instruments
CHKP Software - Application
CHNG Health Information Services
CHNGU Health Information Services
CIEN Communication Equipment
CIH Software - Application
CLDR Software - Application
CLFD Communication Equipment
CLPS Information Technology Services
CLRO Communication Equipment
CLS Contract Manufacturers
CLSK Software - Infrastructure
CMBM Communication Equipment
CMCM Software - Application
CMTL Communication Equipment
CNXN Computer Distribution
COHR Scientific & Technical Instruments
COHU Semiconductor Equipment & Materials
COMM Communication Equipment
COUP Software - Infrastructure
CPAH Software - Application
CPSH Electronic Components
CPSI Health Information Services
CREE Semiconductors
CREX Software - Application
CRM Software - Application
CRNC Software - Application
CRNT Communication Equipment
CRSR Computer Hardware
CRTO Internet Content & Information
CRUS Semiconductors
CRWD Software - Infrastructure
CSCO Communication Equipment
CSGS Software - Infrastructure
CSIQ Solar
CSLT Software - Application
CSOD Software - Application
CSPI Information Technology Services
CTG Information Technology Services
CTK Software - Application
CTS Electronic Components
CTSH Information Technology Services
CTXS Software - Infrastructure
CVET Health Information Services
CVLT Software - Application
CXDO Information Technology Services
CYBE Scientific & Technical Instruments
CYBR Software - Infrastructure
CYRN Software - Infrastructure
DAIO Electronic Components
DAKT Computer Systems
DAVA Software - Infrastructure
DBD Software - Application
DBX Software - Infrastructure
DCT Software - Application
DDD Computer Systems
DDOG Software - Application
DELL Computer Systems
DGII Communication Equipment
DIOD Semiconductors
DLPN Internet Content & Information
DMRC Information Technology Services
DNB Information Technology Services
DOCU Software - Application
DOMO Software - Application
DOX Software - Infrastructure
DOYU Internet Content & Information
DPW Electronic Components
DQ Semiconductor Equipment & Materials
DSGX Software - Application
DSPG Semiconductors
DSWL Electronic Components
DT Software - Application
DUOT Software - Application
DXC Information Technology Services
DZSI Communication Equipment
EA Electronic Gaming & Multimedia
EB Software - Application
EBIX Software - Application
EBON Computer Hardware
ECOM Software - Application
EGAN Software - Application
EGOV Software - Application
EIGI Software - Application
ELSE Scientific & Technical Instruments
ELTK Contract Manufacturers
EMAN Semiconductor Equipment & Materials
EMKR Semiconductors
ENPH Semiconductor Equipment & Materials
ENR Electronic Components
ENS Electronic Components
ENTG Semiconductor Equipment & Materials
EPAM Information Technology Services
EPAY Software - Application
ERIC Communication Equipment
ESE Scientific & Technical Instruments
ESP Electronic Components
ESTC Software - Application
EVBG Software - Application
EVER Internet Content & Information
EVH Health Information Services
EVOL Software - Application
EVOP Software - Infrastructure
EVTC Software - Infrastructure
EXFO Communication Equipment
EXTR Communication Equipment
FARO Scientific & Technical Instruments
FB Internet Content & Information
FEIM Communication Equipment
FENG Internet Content & Information
FEYE Software - Application
FFIV Software - Infrastructure
FICO Software - Infrastructure
FIT Scientific & Technical Instruments
FIVN Software - Infrastructure
FLEX Contract Manufacturers
FLIR Scientific & Technical Instruments
FN Consumer Electronics
FNJN Software - Application
FORM Semiconductors
FORTY Information Technology Services
FOUR Software - Infrastructure
FROG Software—Application
FRSX Scientific & Technical Instruments
FSCT Software - Application
FSLR Solar
FSLY Software - Application
FTNT Software - Application
FTV Scientific & Technical Instruments
GDDY Internet Content & Information
GDS Data Storage
GDYN Information Technology Services
GIB Information Technology Services
GIGM Electronic Gaming & Multimedia
GILT Communication Equipment
GLOB Information Technology Services
GLUU Electronic Gaming & Multimedia
GLW Electronic Components
GNSS Scientific & Technical Instruments
GOOG Internet Content & Information
GOOGL Internet Content & Information
GPRO Consumer Electronics
GRMN Scientific & Technical Instruments
GRPN Internet Content & Information
GRUB Internet Content & Information
GRVY Electronic Gaming & Multimedia
GSB Software - Application
GSIT Semiconductors
GSKY Software - Infrastructure
GSUM Software - Application
GVP Software - Application
GWRE Software - Infrastructure
HBB Consumer Electronics
HCAT Health Information Services
HEAR Communication Equipment
HIMX Semiconductors
HLIT Communication Equipment
HMI Scientific & Technical Instruments
HPE Communication Equipment
HPQ Computer Systems
HQY Health Information Services
HSTM Health Information Services
HUBB Electronic Components
HUBS Software - Application
HURC Scientific & Technical Instruments
IAC Internet Content & Information
IBEX Software - Application
IBM Information Technology Services
ICAD Software - Application
ICHR Semiconductor Equipment & Materials
IDEX Software - Application
IDN Software - Application
IEC Contract Manufacturers
IIIV Software - Infrastructure
IIN Electronic Components
IIVI Scientific & Technical Instruments
IIVIP Scientific & Technical Instruments
IMMR Software - Application
IMOS Semiconductors
IMTE Electronic Gaming & Multimedia
INFN Communication Equipment
INFY Information Technology Services
INOD Information Technology Services
INOV Health Information Services
INPX Software - Application
INS Software - Infrastructure
INSG Communication Equipment
INTC Semiconductors
INTT Semiconductors
INTU Software - Application
INVE Computer Systems
IOTS Semiconductor Memory
IPDN Internet Content & Information
IPGP Semiconductor Equipment & Materials
IPHI Semiconductors
IQ Internet Content & Information
IRBT Consumer Electronics
ISDR Information Technology Services
ISNS Scientific & Technical Instruments
IT Information Technology Services
ITI Communication Equipment
ITRI Scientific & Technical Instruments
ITRN Communication Equipment
IVAC Electronic Components
IZEA Internet Content & Information
JAMF Software - Application
JBL Contract Manufacturers
JCOM Software - Infrastructure
JCS Communication Equipment
JFIN Internet Content & Information
JFU Software - Infrastructure
JG Software - Application
JKS Solar
JNPR Communication Equipment
JT Internet Content & Information
KBNT Software—Application
KC Software - Application
KE Electronic Components
KEM Electronic Components
KEYS Scientific & Technical Instruments
KLAC Semiconductor Equipment & Materials
KLIC Semiconductor Equipment & Materials
KN Communication Equipment
KODK Consumer Electronics
KOPN Semiconductors
KOSS Consumer Electronics
KTCC Computer Systems
KVHI Communication Equipment
LASR Semiconductors
LDOS Information Technology Services
LEAF Internet Content & Information
LEDS Semiconductor Memory
LFUS Electronics Distribution
LGL Electronic Components
LHX Communication Equipment
LINX Software - Application
LITE Communication Equipment
LKCO Software - Application
LLNW Internet Content & Information
LN Software - Application
LOGI Computer Systems
LORL Communication Equipment
LOV Internet Content & Information
LPL Consumer Electronics
LPSN Software - Infrastructure
LPTH Electronic Components
LRCX Semiconductor Equipment & Materials
LSCC Semiconductors
LTRPA Internet Content & Information
LTRPB Internet Content & Information
LTRX Communication Equipment
LUNA Scientific & Technical Instruments
LYFT Software - Application
LYTS Electronic Components
MANH Software - Application
MANT Software - Application
MARK Internet Content & Information
MAXN Solar
MAXR Communication Equipment
MCHP Semiconductors
MDB Software - Application
MDLA Software - Application
MDRX Software - Application
MEET Internet Content & Information
MEI Electronic Components
MFGP Software - Application
MGIC Software - Application
MGNI Software - Infrastructure
MIME Software - Infrastructure
MIND Scientific & Technical Instruments
MINDP Scientific & Technical Instruments
MITK Software - Application
MIXT Software - Infrastructure
MJCO Software - Application
MKSI Scientific & Technical Instruments
MLAB Scientific & Technical Instruments
MNDO Software - Infrastructure
MOBL Software - Application
MODN Software - Application
MOMO Internet Content & Information
MOSY Semiconductors
MOXC Internet Content & Information
MPWR Semiconductors
MRAM Semiconductor Memory
MRCY Computer Systems
MRIN Software - Application
MRVL Semiconductors
MSFT Software - Infrastructure
MSI Communication Equipment
MSN Consumer Electronics
MSTR Software - Application
MTBC Health Information Services
MTBCP Health Information Services
MTCH Internet Content & Information
MTLS Software - Application
MTSC Scientific & Technical Instruments
MTSI Semiconductors
MU Semiconductor Memory
MVIS Electronic Components
MWK Consumer Electronics
MX Semiconductors
MXIM Semiconductors
MXL Semiconductors
MYSZ Software - Application
NATI Software - Application
NCNO Software - Application
NCR Information Technology Services
NCTY Electronic Gaming & Multimedia
NEON Electronic Components
NET Software - Application
NETE Internet Content & Information
NEWR Software - Infrastructure
NH Health Information Services
NICE Software - Application
NLOK Software - Application
NNDM Computer Systems
NOK Communication Equipment
NOVA Electronic Components
NOVT Scientific & Technical Instruments
NOW Software - Application
NPTN Semiconductors
NSIT Information Technology Services
NSYS Electronic Components
NTAP Data Storage
NTCT Software - Application
NTES Internet Content & Information
NTGR Communication Equipment
NTIP Communication Equipment
NTNX Software - Infrastructure
NTWK Software - Application
NUAN Software - Application
NVDA Semiconductors
NVEC Semiconductors
NVMI Semiconductor Equipment & Materials
NVT Electronic Components
NXGN Health Information Services
NXPI Semiconductors
OBLG Software - Application
OCC Communication Equipment
OCFT Software - Application
OEG Electronic Components
OESX Electronic Components
OIIM Electronic Components
OKTA Software - Infrastructure
OLB Software - Application
OLED Semiconductor Equipment & Materials
OMCL Health Information Services
ON Semiconductors
ONTO Semiconductor Equipment & Materials
OPRA Internet Content & Information
OPRX Health Information Services
ORCC Internet Software & Services
ORCL Software - Infrastructure
OSIS Electronic Components
OSPN Software - Application
OSS Computer Systems
OTEX Software - Application
PAGS Software - Infrastructure
PANW Software - Application
PAR Software - Application
PAYC Software - Application
PBTS Software - Application
PCOM Internet Content & Information
PCTI Communication Equipment
PCTY Software - Application
PCYG Software - Application
PD Software - Application
PDFS Software - Application
PEGA Software - Application
PFPT Software - Application
PGNY Health Information Services
PHR Health Information Services
PHUN Software - Application
PI Electronic Components
PINC Health Information Services
PING Software - Infrastructure
PINS Internet Content & Information
PKE Semiconductor Equipment & Materials
PLAB Semiconductor Equipment & Materials
PLAN Software - Infrastructure
PLPC Electronic Components
PLT Communication Equipment
PLUG Electronic Components
PLUS Software - Application
PLXS Contract Manufacturers
POWI Semiconductors
PPSI Electronic Components
PRCP Scientific & Technical Instruments
PRFT Information Technology Services
PRGS Software - Application
PRO Software - Application
PRSP Information Technology Services
PS Software - Application
PSTG Data Storage
PT Software - Application
PTC Software - Application
PWFL Communication Equipment
PXLW Semiconductors
QADA Software - Application
QADB Software - Application
QBAK Electronic Components
QCOM Semiconductors
QH Software - Application
QLYS Software - Application
QMCO Computer Hardware
QNST Internet Content & Information
QRVO Semiconductors
QTT Internet Content & Information
QTWO Software - Infrastructure
QUIK Semiconductors
QUMU Software - Application
RAMP Information Technology Services
RBCN Semiconductor Equipment & Materials
RCM Health Information Services
RDVT Software - Application
RDWR Communication Equipment
REFR Electronic Components
RELL Electronics Distribution
RENN Internet Content & Information
RESN Semiconductors
RFIL Electronic Components
RMBS Semiconductor Memory
RMNI Software - Application
RNET Communication Equipment
RNG Software - Application
RNWK Electronic Gaming & Multimedia
ROG Electronic Components
RP Software - Application
RPD Software - Application
RSSS Information Technology Services
RST Software - Application
RUN Solar
RXT Software - Infrastructure
SABR Information Technology Services
SAIC Information Technology Services
SAIL Software - Infrastructure
SANM Electronic Components
SAP Software - Application
SATS Communication Equipment
SCKT Computer Systems
SCON Semiconductor Equipment & Materials
SCPL Electronic Gaming & Multimedia
SCSC Computer Distribution
SCWX Software - Application
SE Electronic Gaming & Multimedia
SEAC Software - Application
SEDG Solar
SFET Software - Application
SFUN Internet Content & Information
SGH Semiconductor Memory
SGLB Information Technology Services
SGMA Contract Manufacturers
SGOC Consumer Electronics
SHOP Software - Application
SILC Communication Equipment
SIMO Semiconductors
SINA Internet Content & Information
SITM Semiconductors
SLAB Semiconductors
SLGG Electronic Gaming & Multimedia
SLP Health Information Services
SMAR Software - Application
SMCI Computer Hardware
SMIT Scientific & Technical Instruments
SMSI Software - Application
SMTC Semiconductors
SMTX Contract Manufacturers
SNAP Internet Content & Information
SNCR Software - Application
SNE Consumer Electronics
SNPS Software - Application
SOGO Internet Content & Information
SOHU Internet Content & Information
SOL Solar
SONM Communication Equipment
SONO Consumer Electronics
SPI Solar
SPLK Software - Application
SPNS Software - Infrastructure
SPOT Internet Content & Information
SPRT Software - Infrastructure
SPSC Software - Application
SPT Software - Application
SPWR Solar
SQ Software - Application
SQNS Semiconductors
SREV Software - Infrastructure
SSNC Software - Infrastructure
SSNT Software - Application
SSTI Software - Application
SSTK Internet Content & Information
SSYS Computer Systems
ST Scientific & Technical Instruments
STM Semiconductors
STMP Software - Application
STNE Software - Application
STRM Health Information Services
STX Data Storage
SUMO Software—Application
SUNW Solar
SVMK Software - Application
SVT Electronic Components
SWCH Information Technology Services
SWI Software - Infrastructure
SWIR Communication Equipment
SWKS Semiconductors
SY Health Information Services
SYKE Information Technology Services
SYNA Software - Application
SYNC Internet Content & Information
TACT Computer Systems
TAIT Electronics Distribution
TAOP Information Technology Services
TC Internet Content & Information
TCCO Communication Equipment
TCX Internet Content & Information
TDC Data Storage
TDOC Health Information Services
TDY Scientific & Technical Instruments
TEAM Software - Application
TECD Computer Distribution
TEL Electronic Components
TENB Software - Infrastructure
TER Semiconductor Equipment & Materials
TESS Communication Equipment
TIVO Software - Application
TLND Software - Infrastructure
TME Internet Content & Information
TNAV Internet Content & Information
TRHC Health Information Services
TRMB Scientific & Technical Instruments
TRNS Scientific & Technical Instruments
TRT Semiconductor Equipment & Materials
TRUE Internet Content & Information
TSEM Semiconductors
TSM Semiconductors
TSRI Software - Application
TTD Software - Application
TTGT Internet Content & Information
TTMI Contract Manufacturers
TTWO Electronic Gaming & Multimedia
TUFN Software - Infrastructure
TWLO Software - Application
TWOU Software - Infrastructure
TWTR Internet Content & Information
TXG Health Information Services
TXN Semiconductors
TYL Software - Application
TZOO Internet Content & Information
UAVS Computer Systems
UBER Software - Application
UCTT Semiconductor Equipment & Materials
UEIC Consumer Electronics
UI Communication Equipment
UIS Information Technology Services
UMC Semiconductors
UPLD Software - Application
UPWK Internet Content & Information
USIO Software - Infrastructure
UXIN Internet Content & Information
VCRA Communication Equipment
VECO Semiconductor Equipment & Materials
VEEV Health Information Services
VERB Software - Application
VERI Software - Infrastructure
VERX Software - Application
VHC Software - Infrastructure
VIAV Communication Equipment
VICR Electronic Components
VIOT Consumer Electronics
VISL Communication Equipment
VJET Computer Systems
VMW Software - Infrastructure
VNET Information Technology Services
VPG Scientific & Technical Instruments
VRNS Software - Infrastructure
VRNT Software - Application
VRSN Internet Content & Information
VRTU Information Technology Services
VSAT Communication Equipment
VSH Semiconductors
VSLR Solar
VUZI Consumer Electronics
VVPR Solar
WATT Electronic Components
WB Internet Content & Information
WDAY Software - Application
WDC Data Storage
WIRE Electronic Components
WISA Semiconductors
WIT Information Technology Services
WIX Internet Content & Information
WK Software - Application
WKEY Semiconductors
WORK Software - Application
WORX Health Information Services
WSO Electronics Distribution
WSO.B Electronics Distribution
WSTG Computer Distribution
WSTL Communication Equipment
WTT Communication Equipment
WUBA Internet Content & Information
WYY Information Technology Services
XELA Software - Infrastructure
XLNX Semiconductors
XNET Software - Application
XPER Semiconductor Equipment & Materials
XRX Information Technology Services
YELP Internet Content & Information
YEXT Software - Infrastructure
YNDX Internet Content & Information
YY Internet Content & Information
ZDGE Software - Application
ZEN Software - Application
ZI Software - Application
ZIXI Software - Application
ZNGA Electronic Gaming & Multimedia
ZS Software - Infrastructure
ZUO Software - Infrastructure