Fantastic site... clean, simple & effective. Looks pretty spot on based on some spot back-testing I have done. Great work.. thanks!
Hi Mike, found you by accident and a friend of mine and I have been watching DE and FCAU, your bot has been quite predictive and accurate for getting in and out so far. Actually we are amazed to be honest... I'm just sort of amazed to stumble upon something this helpful.
- Russell V.
Thank you for this website! It cuts out so much homework time. The website is like having a trading partner. :-)
- Simon K.

Hi Michael, want to LYK your site is a great tool and i use it every day. The scans are the best i have found and i like that you are continually working on new ideas and especially that you are receptive to others ideas...

I see that you have a Cup with Handle screen which is great and no one else has; not even market smith, which leads me to believe that a screen for double bottom bases and pullbacks (springs and spring boards) might be possible...

I am very happy to have found your site! Helping me with my trading and absolutely making $!! Thanks for all you do

- Bill L.
Mike you have saved me so much time searching through charts, this site is so good... thank you so much :)
Wow Mike! I really like your site! Thank you so much for sharing all of your hard work and knowledge with us. You are really a blessing! I am very new at this (only a couple of weeks) and have been spending all of my free time learning about trading, candlesticks and their meanings. Your site really brings together everything I have been looking for...
Just wanted to say that I've been hunting around for tools to use, and your website has been the most concise and helpful tool I have found. Easily the best screener, all the work is done already! Great work, it is clear that you have put a lot of effort into it and I am very thankful. Keep up the good work!
- Errno E.
Been using a lot of different sites over the years (35 years investing experience) and love yours...
- Thierry V.
Loving your site's info... You're the best site I've found since StockTwits. I'll be spreading your fab twits & website!
Your website absolutely kicks ass! Been having lots of fun playing with it. It complements market trend signal very well, I think
- Christopher B.
Awesome site! I have been using some of the screening tools and find that your site definitely helps me to find potential short-term trades... I think you should really consider providing this site on a subscription basis. I pay other services to help me identify trades, but your site is much easier to use.
- Timothy C.
Michael, I know you must be very busy but I had to write and tell you how much I appreciate what you're doing here. Thank you so much for SwingTradeBot.com. It is a godsend for the little guy who could never compile the information that you provide... What is great is how you aggregate so much info into such a clear concise snapshot/picture of the technicals (love the candlestick, BB charts right below)... Whether it's karma or God you believe in, your ass is covered in this life and the next. Thanks again.
- George T.
this site is awesome