New Stock Scans: Oversold & Overbought Stochastic

I've added a couple of new scans to the site.  They are:

These differ from the "Stochastic Reached Overbought/Oversold" scans/alerts in that the "Reached" scans are only for the day the stock rose or fell to overbought/oversold.  Those are based on the fast stochastic line (%D).

These new ones will find stocks for on each day that either the fast (%D) or slow (%K) line is in overbought or oversold territory.

These new scans should be great to combine with other scans in the new Combination Scan I released the other day.  

Now that these scans exist I may get rid of the "Strong but Oversold" and Weak but Overbought" scans because those can be easily re-created with the 2 new scans (just filter or sort for strong or weak stocks).  I'll keep the "Strong, Oversold and Reversal Signs" and "Weak, Overbought and Reversal Signs" scans though, as those have some extra "secret sauce" in them.




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