New Feature: Hover Charts for Even Quicker Stock Screen Analysis

Update: Now there's an even faster way to view the charts.

I've just implemented a feature I've wanted since I launched the site. You can now hover your cursor (mouse pointer) over a stock ticker to get a pop up of the chart. (Similar to how pop-up charts work.) Here's an example:

hover over a ticker symbol to get a pop-up chart

For now this works on all of the stock scan result pages as well as your portfolio and watchlist pages (and one of my favorite pages, the list of recent IPOs). My primary goal with this site is to make my nightly analysis process more efficient and this has already boosted my productivity a lot.

For those of you on mobile devices, these "hover charts" will work for you too -- or at least they work on iOS, I haven't tried them on and Android devices yet. All you need to to is quickly tap the ticker and you should get a pop-up chart. In fact, the screenshot above is from my iPad. If you want to go to the stock's page you just have to tap the ticker symbol again and the link will take you to the stock's page where you can see the interactive chart and all the alerts & analysis that SwingTradeBot has generated.

I still have a bit of tweaking to do to those charts. They'll likely stay pretty bare-bones. The idea is to get a quick glance of the recent price action in order to decide if you want to take a deeper look at that stock. I'll definitely be adding volume and a moving average -- probably a 20 or 50-day MA. And if the server can take the extra load from all these charts being displayed I may add these hover charts everywhere that you see a ticker that's a link.