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You Can Now Sync Schwab, E-Trade and Vanguard Portfolios!

Good news from SnapTrade, the company which provides SwingTradeBot's portfolio syncing capability.  They've now added support for Schwab, E-Trade and Vanguard Portfolios!  So if you have an account with one of those brokerages just follow the syncing instructions to get your portfolios syncing to SwingTradeBot.

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Interactive Brokers Portfolio Syncing No Longer Supported

I'm sorry to report that SwingTradeBot will no longer be able to sync portfolios with Interactive Brokers.  SnapTrade, my brokerage syncing provider sent me this a few days ago:

There have been some recent developments with Interactive Brokers that affect our ability to continuing servicing IBKR accounts over the SnapTrade API.

Interactive Brokers has made it clear that they have no interest in working with SnapTrade or any other 3rd party API aggregators to facilitate connections to their trading API. Even for partners who have their own IBKR keys, they have asked us not to intermediate the connection. Their suggested path forward is:

1) All apps get their own IBKR keys subject to a compliance review, and
2) All apps build their own direct integrations with IBKR's trading API.

This is a disappointing outcome for us that we believe is not in the best interest of IBKR customers, but at the end of the day IBKR is in complete control of who connects to their trading API. In response to IBKR's request, we have disabled all IBKR connectivity for all SnapTrade partners...
I especially hate this because my active trading account is at IBKR.  I'm starting to regret bringing back the syncing functionality.  So few brokerages are supported that I think it's more trouble than it's worth. -sigh-

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Sync Your Fidelity Portfolio with SwingTradeBot

Good news for those of you who have Fidelity brokerage accounts -- you can now sync your Fidelity portfolios to SwingTradeBot . Here's the current list of supported brokerages:

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Brokerage Portfolio Syncing is Back!

Those of you who've been using SwingTradeBot for a few years may remember when I last announced portfolio syncing in 2018.  Unfortunately the service I was using went out of business in 2020 and so the portfolio syncing stopped working.  I was very disappointed when that service went away because the automatic syncing was a great way to stay up-to-date with SwingTradeBot's analysis on your current holdings.

Well I'm glad to announce that portfolio syncing is now back!  This time it's powered by SnapTrade / Passiv.  Unlike the previous service provider, this one actually has a business model -- they're charging actual money for their services. :-)  (And they're backed by Y Combinator) That means two things:

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New Feature: Sync Your Brokerage Account to a SwingTradeBot Portfolio

***We've switched to a new syncing service. See the details here***

Thanks to the good folks at and their API you can now sync your actual brokerage account to a SwingTradeBot portfolio. No longer will you have to manually add & remove positions in order to match what’s in your portfolio. SwingTradeBot will sync your portfolio a couple of times each day to keep things updated for you.

Here’s how to connect to your brokerage:

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New Feature: Import Stocks into Your Portfolio from a CSV File

For a long time I've wanted to make it easier to keep my SwingTradeBot portfolios in sync with my actual brokerage portfolios.  Today I've come one step closer to that goal.  I just released a new feature which allows you to import stocks into a portfolio from a CSV file.  There's now an 'Import Stocks' button next to the portfolio's name:

Clicking that button will open a pop-up which will allow you to select the CSV file to upload.

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SwingTradeBot's Smart Portfolios as a Google Finance Portfolio Tracker Replacement

I was shocked to see the news that Google just revamped Google Finance and dropped their portfolio tracking tool.  I see on Twitter that a lot of people are looking for a replacement portfolio tracker.  Well I have a great solution for those folks -- SwingTradeBot's portfolios!

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Streamlined Adding of Stocks to Portfolios

I just made it a little easier to add stocks to portfolio lists in the app.  Before you were required to enter the number of shares and the entry price.  Those values are still required but they now get automatically set to default values (100 shares & the average price from the latest full trading day).  So now you can just click the "Add to Portfolio" button without making any other adjustments.  

This should come in handy for those who don't particularly want to track actual P&L within SwingTradeBot but, instead, want to track more stocks in order to get alerts/signals on them.  This makes it easier to use a portfolio as an additional watchlist.

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Site Usage Tips

A collection of tips for using SwingTradeBot...

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