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Custom Chart Indicator Settings



Pro users can now customize the appearance of the stock charts on the indivudual stock pages.  So if you'd like to see the phases of the moon on your chart instead of the default Bollinger Bands, here's how you change the settings.

Navigate to the 'Account' menu and choose the 'Chart Indicator Settings' sub-menu.  That will take you to a page where you can select from the following idicators:

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New Feature: Hover Charts for Even Quicker Stock Screen Analysis

Update: Now there's an even faster way to view the charts.

I've just implemented a feature I've wanted since I launched the site. You can now hover your cursor (mouse pointer) over a stock ticker to get a pop up of the chart. (Similar to how pop-up charts work.) Here's an example:

hover over a ticker symbol to get a pop-up chart

For now this works on all of the stock scan result pages as well as your portfolio and watchlist pages (and one of my favorite pages, the list of recent IPOs). My primary goal with this site is to make my nightly analysis process more efficient and this has already boosted my productivity a lot.

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