New Scan: Trends in Multiple Timeframes

December 28, 2016

I just added another new scan thanks to Rick, who pointed out to me that this functionality was missing.  As I told him, I guess I was too close to the forest to see the trees.  I should have had this scan a long time ago, given that I've had the trend tables on the stocks since day one.  So this scan allows you to find stocks based on what appears in the trend table on the individual stock pages.  For example, BERY, which yesterday had this trend table:

BERY's Trend Table

  • Long-Term Trend: Up
  • Intermediate-Term Trend: Up
  • Short-Term Trend: Down

You'll find this scan on the main scans page named Timeframe Trends.  It's also listed on the "Moving Average" scans page because these timeframes correspond to the 200 (long-term), 50 (intermediate-term) and 10 (short-term) moving averages.  Once you reach the scan's page, you'll see three new inputs where you can select "Up, Down, Flat or Any" for the three timeframes:

What's shown in the image above is good for finding stocks in long(er) term uptrends but undergoing short(er) term pullbacks.  I hope you find this scan useful.

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