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July 25, 2020

I spend an inordinate amount of time updating & cleaning up data that comes into SwingTradeBot. A good portion of that is removing acquired & delisted stocks and filling in missing data for newly listed stocks & ETFs. So I see a ton of ETFs being added to the market every month.

During the pandemic some of the names and/or tickers of these new ETFs piqued my interest -- such as GERM & Work From Home ETF (WFH). So I started wishing I could see their holdings right on SwingTradeBot. Luckily one of my data providers has ETFs components as part of their service. So I wrote some code to start ingesting that data and displaying it on the site.

You won't see ETF holdings / Components for all of the ETFs because it doesn't make sense for some, like those which are based on commodities, foreign stocks, futures, etc. For those who are using the Australian, Canadian & UK versions of SwingTradeBot, unfortunately the data is less complete.

But for many other ETFs you'll see a new section called "Top 10 Components". That, of course, lists the largest 10 holdings of that ETF. (That assumes I have those holdings percentages. In some cases I don't. Remember what I said about cleaning up data above?) At the bottom of that list is a link to the complete (max of 500) list of holdings. You can sort that page's listing by ticker symbol, grade (relative strength) or percentage of holdings.

You can also approach this the other way around -- find which ETFs own a particular stock. In the "Profile" section of a stock's page there will be an "ETFs Holding XYZ" link. That will take you to a page displaying any ETFs (that SwingTradeBot knows of) holding shares of XYZ. That page is also sortable by clicking on the column headers.

I've found that a very useful way to discover ETFs -- especially in order to find ways to play situations like a COVID-19 vaccine. It can be treacherous to make a bet on a single vaccine maker but one could back into some possibly safer ETFs which hold a basket of vaccine makers. That's exactly how I discovered GERM -- I was tracking NVAX, QDEL and MRNA and clicked the "ETFs Tracking..." links and there was GERM.

Here are a few that have come to my attention either by me happening to see it while cleaning up new listings or from checking one of my stocks and clicking that "ETFs Holding" link.

WhiIe poking around the site after adding this new functionality, I discovered that some ETFs own shares of other ETFs. Who knew?!

I hope you find this new stuff useful. Enjoy!

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SwingTradeBot over 3 years ago

This comment was originally posted by TraderMike (@mseneadza) on 2020-09-25 21:10:47.

You're welcome Marie!

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SwingTradeBot over 3 years ago

This comment was originally posted by Marie (@TradingSense) on 2020-09-25 21:00:45.

I've just joined your site and am loving these insightful blog posts. I look forward to giving your ETF search function a try and thanks for making this search for the whole grail ...that much easier.

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