New Feature: Sort the All Stocks Page... Plus Volatility

By popular demand, you can now sort the stocks in the "All Stocks" page!  When I first created that page I never thought people would actually use it -- I really made it so that search engines could index the site easily.  But, increasingly over time, people have been asking for the ability to sort the list of stocks, mainly because they wanted to sort by the letter grades.

Well I've enabled that plus sorting by other columns as well.  You can simply click on the column header you wish to sort by.  The first click will sort ascending and a subsequent click will reverse the sort.


So you can now sort by any of the following columns:

  • Symbol
  • Grade
  • Name
  • Closing Price
  • Average Volume
  • Volatility

That last one, volatility, is new to the site.  I got a request the other day to add volatility as another filter (or sort) on the scan results listings.  I thought that was a great idea.  As a start, I've added it to the "All Stocks" page but it should be popping up soon on the scan results pages as well in the coming days.  

I'm using the Bollinger Band Bandwidth indicator as the measure of volatility.  It seems to work better than a couple of other things I tried.  Bandwidth was designed to normalize volatility across stocks of different prices and it does that job very well.  (One issue with this approach is that newly listed stocks will have a bandwidth of zero until their 20th day of trading. But I think that's not a big deal.) 

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