The Power of Our Watchlist Features

October 28, 2014

Today I spent the day out of town at Stocktoberfest. Despite being at a stock market conference, I was really disconnected from the markets... I checked in on my portfolio once during the day and that was it. After dinner I was discussing SwingTradeBot with another trader and website founder. He told me that he had visited SwingTradeBot but that he hadn't signed up b/c he didn't see a reason to because so much of the site is open to unregistered visitors. I told him that he was missing out on what I consider to be the most important features of the site: the watchlists and portfolios. Here's why...

My primary goal in building this site was to save myself time in doing my daily (nightly) routine.  I wanted the site to be able to alert me to important technical developments in stocks that I was stalking or that I owned.  I was explaining that to the guy I was speaking with when I said "here, let me pull up my watchlist on my phone and show you".

I had no idea what I was going to see but I was smacked in the face by one stock in particular -- MBLY. I've been tracking MBLY looking for a long setup and the first thing I saw (see image above) was three bullish indicators for MBLY (a bullish engulfing pattern, a bounce off of the fifty day moving average and a hammer candlestick). I couldn't have set up a better example of the power of using SwingTradeBot to track a watchlist if I had tried.

It took me practically zero time to discover a setup in a stock that I've been wanting to buy. That other trader then saw the value of what the watchlist features can do. So give the watchlists a try, I think you'll find that they're a simple, yet powerful tool to help you stay on top of trading candidates.