New Features and Pro Plans

May 05, 2016

You may have noticed some changes to the site this week. The other day I added three tiers of subscription plans. They are:

  • Free Plan - limited set of features
  • Gold Plan @ $10/month - Pro set of features
  • Platinum Plan @ $17.50/month - Pro set of features+

I've converted all pre-existing users to the Free Plan. Previously users could add an unlimited number of stocks to their watchlist and portfolio. Now the free plan limits you to 5 stocks on your watchlist and 5 stocks on your portfolio. Note that if you had more than 5 stocks on your lists you will still have those stocks in your lists. However, you won't be able to add new stocks to those lists until the list contains fewer than 5 stocks.

The Pro plans provide:

  • Multiple Watchlists (Gold: 2, Platinum: 5)
  • Multiple Portfolios (Gold: 2, Platinum: 3)
  • 20 stocks per list
  • Nightly Email of Portfolio & Watchlists Alerts - You won't have to visit the site to see what happened with the stocks on your lists. This will make it even easier to stay on top of important developments on the stocks you care about.
  • Choose Your Default Chart Settings - You'll be able to specify which indicators you want to see on the TradingView chart widgets on the individual chart pages.
  • Export scan results to a CSV file
  • No Ads

Now Pro users will be able to have separate lists for longs & shorts, or however they'd like to categorize their lists.

There's more new functionality to come for Pro users. These are some of the things I'll be rolling out in the near future:

Choose Your Default Scan Filters - I like to think of this as defining your tradable universe of stocks. Currently the scans default to values that define my tradable universe - minimum average volume of 250,000 shares, a minimum price of $10, and exclude ETFs. If you want to see a different set of stocks you have to change the filter values and re-do the scan. That will change as you'll be able to have your default values apply to any scans you run automatically.

Even more customization so you can quickly see the data you care about.

You can change plans at any time by visiting the "upgrade / downgrade" link in the "Account" menu.

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