Site Updates from the Last Several Months

Here's are several changes I've made to the site over the last several months:

A New Dashboard Page

I've added a dashboard page, where you can get a quick overview of what your stocks have done.  You can reach that page via the "My Stocks" menu.  I'll be adding more sections to the dashboard in the coming weeks.   Please let me know if you have ideas for things you'd like to see there.

Recommended Trading Books

This recommended books list contains mini-reviews of several of my favorite trading / investing books.  I know these days people like to learn things from Tweets, videos and blog posts but IMHO, there's nothing like a good book for getting in-depth knowledge.  Hopefully these will prove valuable, especially to newer traders.

Add Multiple Stocks to Wishlists at Once

By popular demand, you can now add multiple stocks to a wishlist in one shot.  On each watchlist's page you'll see an "Add Symbols" button.  You can simply enter a comma-delimited list of ticker symbols in the box next to that button.  Clicking the button will add each of the entered tickers into your watchist (up to your allowed number of stocks per watchlist).


Access Previous Broad Market Recaps

On the General Market Overview page you can now access the overviews of previous days.  Just click the "Previous Day's Recap" link at the bottom of the page.


IPO Scan

There's now a IPO (New Listings) ScanThis differs from the IPO page in that it can also list ETFs and it will allow you to apply the typical scan filters to the list.   You can also use this in a Combo Scan.

Improved & Expanded Sector & Industry Data

There's now more complete sector and industry data (for the USA [NYSE, NASDAQ & AMEX] and UK [LSE] versions of the site). It may take a few weeks to get sector data for newly listed (IPO) stocks though.  You can find the sector info on the individual stock pages and via the Research / Sectors menu. 

Filter Scan Results by Sector

For those versions of the site (US & UK) with sector data, you can use Sector as part of your scan filter criteria.

In WatchList or Portfolio Indicator

I've often tried to add a stock to a watchlist only to receive the error message that the stock was already in that watchlist.  To prevent that unneccessary add attempt, I've added an indicator showing if a stock is in one a watchlist or portfolio.  If a stock is in one of your lists, you'll see the name(s) of the list(s) next to the add to WatchList or Portfolio buttons.


Bollinger Band Walk Alerts / Scans

There are a couple of new Bollinger Band scans:

Pivot Points

I've added five different types of Pivot Points to the individual stock pages.  You'll find them at the bottom of those pages with the pre-existing technical and fundamental data.

Filter Collapse

With the increase in the number of scan filters that filter form has gotten pretty long.  I wanted to shorten it up, so I hid some of the criteria.  There's now a button which will reveal the aditional scan filters.