Site (and App) Updates from the Last Few Months

May 08, 2019

Here are some new additions to SwingTradeBot from the last few months. 

Earnings Calendar

There's now an earnings calendar section of the site. (It's also listed in the Research Menu.)  This will allow you to go forward in time, unlike the earnings scan.

This primarily applies to the main USA version of the site because earnings data for other markets is hard to come by.  Even for the NYSE & Nasdaq that data is surprisingly difficult to get.  Doubly so if you want it to be accurate!  In this day & age you'd think there would be a central "source of truth" for earnings dates but there isn't as far as I can tell. 

The site has had some earnings dates for years but now that one of my data providers started to offer earnings dates I was able to easily get more dates and build the calendar.  Their data is pretty good but evey once in a while I'll find an inaccurate date.  I've taken some measures to override their dates if I find a company press release with a different date.  But there are still some inaccurate dates which sneak through.  So if earnings dates are important to your process, please double-check the dates you see on SwingTradeBot.

More Stocks Classification -- Sector, Industry and Tags

The new data provider has allowed me to update and expand the sector and industry classifications for stocks.  I've also used a tool to analyze each stock's description and extract keywords (aka tags). This is a huge improvement for the Australian, Canadian, UK and OTCBB versions of the site, which had very spotty classifications before.

On the website you can click the tags and they will take you to a page listing other stocks with the same tag. (On the mobile app, for now, the tags are display only)  So this can be an additional way to find related stocks. 


I have on my to-do list to use the tags, industries and perhaps some other things to list similar stocks on each stock's page -- a la the "if you like X, you may also like G, P and Z" recommendations you see around the web.

History of Grades / Rankings

A few people have asked if there was a way to see the history of a stock's grade / rank.  I've added the grade to the historical trend table, so you can now go there to see the history of the grades.  Also, in the last column, I've added the stock's percent change from that date to the current date.  Please remember that the grades are not predictive!  They are a backward-looking relative strength rating, nothing more.

Delete Multiple Stocks at Once from Portfolios and Watchlists

You can now delete multiple stocks from a watchlist or portfolio.  You can select all stocks in the list by clicking the checkbox in the list's header. Alternatively, you can select stocks individually via the checkbox in each stock's row.  To delete the selected stocks, click the "Remove Checked" button.

New Version of the Mobile Apps

There are new versions of the Android & iOS apps in the respective app stores.  Hopefully you're all now on version 2.0 or higher.  There were a TON of changes under the surface because I essentially had to re-write the app in order to upgrade to the latest version of the app development framework which I used to build the app.  So it should be a little faster and you'll notice that the navigation is slightly different.  

Now that I've got the framework upgrade out of the way I'll be able to get back to adding features to the app. It may also get a little bit of a facelift too.

Note that I've removed the Intercom chat widget from the mobile apps.  I did so because of display overlap issues on some phones.  Hopefully I can bring that back in some form soon.  There is still an email support capability in the app or you can use the chat widget on the website to reach me.





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SwingTradeBot over 3 years ago

This comment was originally posted by MickyC (@MickySea) on 2019-06-30 23:05:30.

Hi Mike - would be great if you could introduce a "sister scan" to the "New 52 Week High" scan, going back six months ( New 26 Week High) and a quarter (New 12 Week High)


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SwingTradeBot almost 4 years ago

This comment was originally posted by TraderMike (@mseneadza) on 2019-06-11 10:21:39.

Sorry, they only do daily charts / indicators.

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SwingTradeBot almost 4 years ago

This comment was originally posted by Con Arali (@conarali) on 2019-06-11 07:18:26.

Hi Mike not sure if its the correct place to ask, but any chance scans can be run using weekly data instead of daily data? In particular MACD zero line crossovers. Thx in advance

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SwingTradeBot almost 4 years ago

This comment was originally posted by TraderMike (@mseneadza) on 2019-05-10 11:37:13.


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SwingTradeBot almost 4 years ago

This comment was originally posted by MickyC (@MickySea) on 2019-05-10 09:49:36.

Great work TraderMike

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