New Features & Site Updates

February 02, 2021

Here’s a quick rundown of some new things on SwingTadeBot


  • Unlimited number of Watchlists & Portfolios for Platinum Plan subscribers
  • Ability to copy intraday alerts configuration from one watchlist or portfolio to another
  • In case the nightly email digest doesn’t reach your inbox for some reason, you can now view the nightly email digest on the site
  • You’ll now see intraday percent change (except for OTCBB) in more places, like the tag, ETF holdings & intraday alerts pages
  • Related ETFs for tags
  • Recent News on Tag, Industry & ETF holdings pages
  • Enhanced ETF Holdings pages
  • ETF Comparisons
  • A ton of behind the scenes things to improve performance and keep the data flowing smoothly.


Unlimited Number of Portfolios & Watchlists

Platinum Plan subscribers can now add as many watchlists & portfolios as they want.  Just visit one of your existing lists and click the “Create New” button near the top of the page.


Copy Intraday Alerts Configuration

If you have a watchlist or portfolio’s intraday alerts configured just the way you like it’s now super easy to replicate those settings on other lists.  Just click the Manage Intraday Alerts button on the list you want to set up and then you’ll have the option of copying the configuration from another of your lists.


Email Digest Online

Over the last several weeks I’ve been bombarded with messages from people about not receiving emails from the site.  I don’t want to bore you with the details of why that’s been happening  but I’ve made some changes to help alleviate the pain some of you have been feeling.  One of those changes is that the nightly email digest is now accessible live on the site.  There’s now a “View Daily Digest” button on the Dashboard which will generate & display your latest digest.  I know some of you like to save them for posterity, so a way to do that now is to print the digest to a PDF and save it on your computer / device.

And a side note, I’m probably going to change email providers over the weekend.  Hopefully the new provider will have better success reaching inboxes on some of the more persnickety email services (like AOL, Yahoo & Hotmail)


Related ETFs for Tags

Now when viewing a tag (aka keyword) page along with a lit of stocks with that tag you’ll also see a list of ETFs holding at least one of the listed stocks.  For example, if you visit the Electric Vehicle tag page you’ll see a list of ETFs which hold one or more of the Electric Vehicle stocks shown on that page.  


Recent News in More Places

Continuing with the electric vehicle example, on that tag’s page you’ll see a list of recent news for all the electric vehicle stocks .  That same concept is carried over on the Industry pages and when viewing the components of an ETF.


Enhanced ETF Holdings pages

As I’ve written before, I find myself paying more attention to ETFs these days.  Often I’ll see an ETF making a big move and wonder which of its stocks are causing the move.  I’ll go view that ETF’s holding and sort the list of stocks by % change for the day.  I can also quickly see if any of its component stocks have any big news.  


ETF Comparisons

You can now do side-by-side comparisons of ETFs.  You’ll see the comparison form in a few places around the site, including the main ETF page.  Here’s an example comparison — QQQJ vs. ARKK

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