SwingTradeBot Expands to Seven More Global Stock Markets

Shortly after SwingTradeBot went live (with coverage of US listed stocks -- NYSE, Nasdaq & AMEX) a few years ago people started asking me if I could add coverage of various foreign (to me) markets.  My answer was always "yes, I just need a data source for those markets".  I also needed to make some changes to the "engine" to make it a bit more generic and to be capable of hadling other markets.

Well I've been tweaking things over the last few months and I'm happy to announce the launch of seven more sites covering the following markets:

Please note that these are totally separate sites.  Accounts and subscriptions do not work across the sites.  You'll have to create an account on each of the sites/markets you want to use if you want to create watchlists / portfolios.  I decided to go this route for my own sanity with dealing with things like overlapping symbols, differing holidays, different time zones, etc.  That also keeps the user interface a bit simpler so you won't have to specify a market whenever you enter a stock ticker.

Those of you who trade other markets aside from the main US markets please give one of these new sites a try.  The links to these sites are at the bottom (footer) of every page on the site.

P.S.  While the core of the site is the same you'll notice some differences on the new sites.  For example, you won't see alerts about upcoming earnings dates because I've yet to find an earnings dates data source for those markets.  Nor will you see the StockTwits widget since they only cover US stocks.