Exporting Scan Results to a TradingView Watchlist

January 09, 2019

I was asked earlier today about how to export a list of stocks from a SwingTradeBot scan result into a TradingView Watchlist.  That reminded me that I forgot to write about an enhancement that I added last summer.  

In response to another TradingView watchlist request I added another column (called tradingview_symbol) to SwingTradeBot's CSV file exports.  That column contains TradingView's ticker symbol.  TradingView combines the stock symbol with the stock's listing exchange, so AAPL, which is listed on the Nasdaq would be NASDAQ:AAPL.  So that column of data will look something like:


From what I can tell, TradingView can import a text file of those symbols into a watchlist.  So here's how you can get a list of symbols from SwingTradeBot to TradingView:

  1. Download / export a CSV from SwingTradeBot
  2. Open that file in a spreadsheet program. (Microsoft Excel, Apple Numbers, Google Spreadsheets, LibreOffice Calc, etc.)
  3. Copy all the data from the tradingview_symbol column
  4. Paste that copied text into a new text file (or you could delete all the other columns in the original CSV)
  5. Import that new file, which should only contain the TradingView-formatted symbols into a TradingView watchlist.

Importing into Other Systems

You could do something similar if you have a system that takes a comma-delimited list of symbols.  A simple spreadsheet formula can help you transform the data:

  1. Download / export a CSV from SwingTradeBot
  2. Open that file in a spreadsheet program (Microsoft Excel, Apple Numbers, Google Spreadsheets, LibreOffice Calc, etc.)
  3. Create a formula to transform the column of data you want either symbol or tradingview_symbol
  4. Copy the result of that formula

Here's an example of a Google Spreadsheet with such a formula.  In this case, the symbols are in column A and the formula to use is:

 =JOIN(",", A1:A1000)

Using the same sample data from above would give you: NASDAQ:SRPT,NASDAQ:VGIT,NYSE:AWF,AMEX:BKLN,NYSE:BMY

You could do something similar in Excel with TextJoin and there should be similar functions in other spreadsheets.

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SwingTradeBot over 1 year ago

This comment was originally posted by JustLanded (@disqus_JsVIrgxfy4) on 2021-09-15 02:30:47.

Wonderful enhancement! For those who might be wondering how to convert the CVS column of symbols into the form needed by TradingView, i.e. a comma separated text file (e.g. NYSE:HTH,NYSE:IGT,NYSE:JKS,NYSE:CPRI), here’s one way using Microsoft Word. Paste the column into a word doc. Replace all the invisible paragraph marks with commas: Home tab > Find > Advanced Find > In the Find field, type: ^p (the caret character is above the "6") > In the Replace field, type , (a comma) > Hit ‘Replace All’. Now just copy and paste this into a text file. (It takes a longer to read how to do it than actually doing it.)

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SwingTradeBot almost 3 years ago

This comment was originally posted by Ayush Anand (@disqus_oau7xJWIJ4) on 2020-04-15 10:28:52.

Great article , much appreciated. Had no idea they got this type of patent.
Influencers already play a huge role for businesses on many social platforms so it only makes sense that Google wants to integrate this as a signal. And by acquiring this patent, it just shows that they place a lot of weight on social.

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SwingTradeBot about 3 years ago

This comment was originally posted by Daniel Da Costa (@disqus_hxOeCNyIpn) on 2020-01-17 04:24:07.

Thankyou! I was manually using concat on the share code and exchange !

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