New Scans: Rising or Falling Relative Strength Ratings

I just released a couple of new scans. They allow you to identify stocks which have either rising or falling relative strength ratings. The letter grades that you see around the site are essentially relative strength ratings and these scans focus on those grades. Here are the scans:

You can choose the letter grade/rating you want to see. So to find stocks which have fallen to a 'C', just select C from the first drop-down and click the 'Find Stocks' button. Grade Target form field

So why would somebody want to do this? Here are a few ideas for different trading strategies:

  • Pullback / mean reversion traders might want to find stocks which have dropped to a B or C and then look for signs of renewed strength.
  • You could find signs of a turn-around in stocks which have risen to a D or C
  • A momentum trader might want to see what's newly rated as an A or an F

You'll find these new scans listed on the main scan page in the 'Strength' and 'Weakness' types section of the list. They are also in the "Scans By Type" tab under 'Strength', 'Weakness' and 'Relative Strength'.

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