New Feature: Sync Your Brokerage Account to a SwingTradeBot Portfolio

February 16, 2018

***We've switched to a new syncing service. See the details here***

Thanks to the good folks at and their API you can now sync your actual brokerage account to a SwingTradeBot portfolio. No longer will you have to manually add & remove positions in order to match what’s in your portfolio. SwingTradeBot will sync your portfolio a couple of times each day to keep things updated for you.

Here’s how to connect to your brokerage:

1. Click the “Link to Broker” button on your portfolio page.

2. Then you will be prompted to select your brokerage from a list. Here are the supported brokerages:

2a. Select your broker and click the “Connect to Broker" button.


3. On the next page, click the “Login to Your Broker Account” button.

A window will pop-up asking you to login to your brokerage account. 

You’ll then be asked to allow SwingTradeBot / TradeIt to connect to your account. 

3a. Depending on your broker you may then have to answer a security question.

3b. If you’re connecting an Interactive Brokers account you will have to wait a day or two for them to activate the connection.

4. That’s it! Visit your portfolio to see all the money you’re making

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LuckyCheetah141 about 1 year ago

Trading212 API is on the roadmap?

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TraderMike about 1 year ago

I'll pass that request along to SnapTrade.  They do the syncing and have total control over which brokerages are supported.

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ZanyCat794 about 1 year ago

Webull doesn't seem to connect?

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TraderMike about 1 year ago

Here's what SnapTrade support sent me:

Webull has implemented another enhanced security feature.
It seems that a new security feature is released every time we break through the previous one.
Our leadership team is trying to reach the right people at Webull to formulate an agreement so we don't have to keep going through this loop. In the meantime, we have a dev dedicated to investigate and find a way around the latest implementation.
-sigh- this brokerage syncing stuff is such a pain!  This is why I never attempted to implement it myself.  One could spend all their time chasing these brokerages. I'll let you know via email when I know more.

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TraderMike about 1 year ago

I just put in a support request with the syncing service.  Hopefully they'll get it fixed soon.

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BrainySeaLion524 about 1 year ago

I have Wells Fargo Bank as my Broker can I use them also with Swing Tratbot?

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TraderMike about 1 year ago

Unfortunately our syncing service does not connect with Wells Fargo. You could try using the CSV import though. 

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SwingTradeBot over 6 years ago

This comment was originally posted by Tom Claussen (@tomclaussen) on 2018-03-23 01:31:35.

Broker Tastyworks. Positions all options.

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