Do You Want a SwingTradeBot Mobile App?

I just had a conversation with somebody who asked me if SwingTradeBot has a mobile (iOS or Android) app.  That's a question I've gotten a lot.  I understand why people want an app. -- as an iPhone user, I like the convenience & ease of an app and the (hopefully) faster & better interface.  

However as a developer, apps can be a major pain (and expense)I would go from having one codebase to maintain (and debug) to having two or three.  In addition, while I understand that people like to do things on their mobile devices, some things are just better done on a full-blown computer (no matter how good the mobile interface is).  For example, I couldn't imagine trying to actively trade on a phone or iPad.  Nor would I want to write software on a mobile device.  In both those cases, I need a lot of screen real estate.

Similarly, while I *could* do my nightly stock scanning on my iPhone, it's so much faster and effective on my laptop, where I can open stocks in new browser tabs and switch between them quickly. (I do check scans on my iPad frequently -- mostly because the web browser there is more like a desktop/laptop browser, with quicker access to multiple tabs.)

Despite my reservations about providing mobile apps, I have been playing around with a prototype and I'm considering building it out into a working app.  If I did so, the app would be pretty stripped down at first and I'd add more features as I found time. 


So my questions are:

  • Do you want a mobile App for SwingTradeBot?
  • If so, why?  What do you see an app providing you that the current website doe not?
  • What are the PRIMARY features you'd want on a mobile app?

 You can answer in the comments below.  If you do leave a comment, please tell me if you're an Android or iOS user.

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