The Ultimate Mobile Phone Stock Market Portfolio App!?

A few months ago I downloaded several stock apps for my iPhone but I wasn't really happy with any of them.  Invariably they were either too slow, too clunky or too expensive.  Even my broker's app required me to login in every time I launched it!  So annoying! What I wanted was something that would let me get a quick overview of my portfolio or watchlist while I was away from my computer.  So when I started working on SwingTradeBot making it work well on mobile browsers was very important to me.  So far I'm very happy with using it from my phone -- no app required, so it should look (pretty much***) the same on any mobile browser. I also like being able to access it from ANY device and see the same info everywhere. 

Here are some screenshots:

This is the top of the portfolio page.  There are fewer columns displayed on moblie compared to what you'd see on a tablet, laptop or desktop computer browser.  You can click the plus sign to reveal the hidden columns.

Top of the portfolio page

Next is an example of an expanded stock row:

expanded row in the portfolio

Scrolling down a bit more we get to the recent technical alerts for each stock in the portfolio:

Scrolling past the technical analysis events brings us to the recent news for the portfolio's stocks:

Portfolio news section

And under that is the ticker search box so that you can easily get to other stocks:

Portfolio search box

So there you have it.  I can usually get the page to load for me in 2 to 3 seconds.  So it gives me very quick access to see what's going on with my portfolio.  Give it a shot by signing up (it's free) and adding some stocks to your portfolio.


*** SInce this is *not* an app, you should see a very similar page whether you have a Android-based phone (HTC One, Sony Xperia, Samsung Galaxy S4 or S5, LG G2, Samsung Galaxy Note,  Nexus, Motorola Moto G, etc.) or a Windows Phone, Blackberry, Nokia Lumia...

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