Stocks in the Healthcare Sector

Healthcare companies engage in a wide variety of activities, which focus on maintaining and improving individual health. These activities include pharmaceuticals, development of medical instruments and supplies, long-term care and other activities.


Symbol Grade Industry
A A Diagnostics & Research
ABBV A Drug Manufacturers - Major
ABC D Medical Distribution
ABCL D Biotechnology
ABCM B Biotechnology
ABEO F Biotechnology
ABIO F Biotechnology
ABMD A Medical Devices
ABT B Medical Devices
ABUS D Biotechnology
ACAD D Biotechnology
ACB D Drug Manufacturers - Specialty & Generic
ACCD F Health Information Services
ACER C Biotechnology
ACET F Biotechnology
ACHC C Medical Care
ACHV D Biotechnology
ACIU F Biotechnology
ACOR B Biotechnology
ACRS B Biotechnology
ACRX C Medical Devices
ACST C Biotechnology
ADAP F Biotechnology
ADCT F Biotechnology
ADIL D Biotechnology
ADMA F Biotechnology
ADMP D Drug Manufacturers - Specialty & Generic
ADMS D Drug Manufacturers - Specialty & Generic
ADPT B Biotechnology
ADTX D Biotechnology
ADUS A Medical Care
ADVM F Biotechnology
ADXS D Biotechnology
AERI C Drug Manufacturers - Major
AEZS D Biotechnology
AFIB F Medical Devices
AFMD B Biotechnology
AGE D Biotechnology
AGEN F Biotechnology
AGIO C Biotechnology
AGLE F Biotechnology
AGRX F Drug Manufacturers - Specialty & Generic
AGTC F Biotechnology
AHCO B Medical Devices
AHPI F Medical Devices
AIH F Medical Care
AIKI D Biotechnology
AIM F Biotechnology
AKBA F Biotechnology
AKER F Medical Instruments & Supplies
AKRO D Biotechnology
AKTX A Biotechnology
AKU F Diagnostics & Research
AKUS F Biotechnology
ALBO F Biotechnology
ALC A Long-Term Care Facilities
ALDX B Biotechnology
ALEC F Biotechnology
ALGN B Medical Devices
ALGS D Biotechnology
ALIM C Drug Manufacturers - Major
ALKS A Biotechnology
ALLK C Biotechnology
ALLO F Biotechnology
ALNA D Biotechnology
ALNY B Biotechnology
ALPN D Biotechnology
ALRN C Biotechnology
ALT D Biotechnology
ALVR D Biotechnology
ALXN A Biotechnology
ALXO D Biotechnology
AMED B Medical Care
AMEH B Medical Care
AMGN B Drug Manufacturers - Major
AMN C Medical Care
AMPE D Biotechnology
AMPH F Drug Manufacturers - Specialty & Generic
AMRN D Biotechnology
AMRX D Drug Manufacturers - Specialty & Generic
AMS C Medical Care
AMTI B Biotechnology
AMWL C Health Information Services
AMYT B Drug Manufacturers - Specialty & Generic
ANAB D Biotechnology
ANCN D Biotechnology
ANGO B Medical Instruments & Supplies
ANIK D Biotechnology
ANIP D Biotechnology
ANIX C Diagnostics & Research
ANNX F Biotechnology
ANPC D Biotechnology
ANTM C Health Care Plans
ANVS B Biotechnology
APEN C Medical Devices
APHA B Drug Manufacturers - Specialty & Generic
APLS D Biotechnology
APLT F Biotechnology
APM D Biotechnology
APOP D Biotechnology
APRE F Biotechnology
APTO F Biotechnology
APTX C Biotechnology
APVO F Biotechnology
APYX A Medical Instruments & Supplies
AQB C Biotechnology
AQST F Biotechnology
ARA C Diagnostics & Research
ARAV F Biotechnology
ARAY C Medical Devices
ARCT F Biotechnology
ARDS D Biotechnology
ARDX D Biotechnology
ARGX D Biotechnology
ARMP D Biotechnology
ARNA C Biotechnology
ARPO F Biotechnology
ARQT C Biotechnology
ARTL F Biotechnology
ARVN A Biotechnology
ARWR B Biotechnology
ASLN C Biotechnology
ASMB F Biotechnology
ASND F Biotechnology
ASRT F Drug Manufacturers - Specialty & Generic
ATEC B Medical Instruments & Supplies
ATHA F Biotechnology
ATHE D Biotechnology
ATHX F Biotechnology
ATNM F Biotechnology
ATNX F Biotechnology
ATOS F Diagnostics & Research
ATRA F Biotechnology
ATRC C Medical Instruments & Supplies
ATRI B Medical Instruments & Supplies
ATRS B Medical Instruments & Supplies
ATXI F Drug Manufacturers - Specialty & Generic
AUPH F Biotechnology
AUTL F Biotechnology
AVCO F Medical Care
AVDL F Biotechnology
AVEO C Biotechnology
AVGR B Medical Devices
AVIR B Biotechnology
AVNS C Medical Instruments & Supplies
AVRO F Biotechnology
AVXL C Biotechnology
AWH D Diagnostics & Research
AXDX F Diagnostics & Research
AXGN D Medical Devices
AXLA D Biotechnology
AXNX C Medical Devices
AXSM F Biotechnology
AYLA C Biotechnology
AYTU F Biotechnology
AZN F Drug Manufacturers - Major
AZRX C Biotechnology
AZYO C Medical Devices
BASI B Diagnostics & Research
BAX F Medical Instruments & Supplies
BBI D Biotechnology
BBIO B Biotechnology
BCAB D Biotechnology
BCDA D Biotechnology
BCEL F Biotechnology
BCLI F Biotechnology
BCRX B Biotechnology
BCYC B Biotechnology
BDSI D Biotechnology
BDSX B Diagnostics & Research
BDTX F Biotechnology
BDX B Medical Instruments & Supplies
BDXB B Medical Instruments & Supplies
BEAM C Biotechnology
BEAT B Diagnostics & Research
BFRA D Biotechnology
BGNE A Biotechnology
BHC B Drug Manufacturers - Specialty & Generic
BHVN F Biotechnology
BIIB D Drug Manufacturers - Major
BIO B Diagnostics & Research
BIO.B B Diagnostics & Research
BIOC D Diagnostics & Research
BIOL C Medical Instruments & Supplies
BIVI A Biotechnology
BKD D Long-Term Care Facilities
BLCM F Biotechnology
BLFS C Medical Instruments & Supplies
BLI F Biotechnology
BLPH F Biotechnology
BLRX C Biotechnology
BLU F Biotechnology
BLUE F Biotechnology
BMRA F Diagnostics & Research
BMRN D Biotechnology
BMY A Drug Manufacturers - Major
BNGO B Diagnostics & Research
BNR B Diagnostics & Research
BNTC F Drug Manufacturers - Specialty & Generic
BNTX D Biotechnology
BPMC F Biotechnology
BPTH D Drug Manufacturers - Specialty & Generic
BRKR A Diagnostics & Research
BSGM F Medical Devices
BSX F Medical Devices
BTAI F Biotechnology
BVXV F Biotechnology
BWAY D Diagnostics & Research
BXRX F Biotechnology
BYSI D Biotechnology
CABA D Biotechnology
CAH D Medical Distribution
CALA F Biotechnology
CALT F Drug Manufacturers - Specialty & Generic
CANF F Biotechnology
CAPR D Biotechnology
CARA A Biotechnology
CATB F Biotechnology
CBAY F Biotechnology
CBIO C Biotechnology
CBLI C Biotechnology
CBMG F Biotechnology
CBPO A Biotechnology
CCM D Medical Care
CCXI B Biotechnology
CDAK D Biotechnology
CDMO B Biotechnology
CDMOP B Biotechnology
CDNA A Diagnostics & Research
CDTX D Biotechnology
CDXC F Biotechnology
CDXS A Biotechnology
CELC A Diagnostics & Research
CEMI F Diagnostics & Research
CERC C Biotechnology
CERS C Biotechnology
CERT D Biotechnology
CFMS B Medical Devices
CFRX F Biotechnology
CGC B Drug Manufacturers - Specialty & Generic
CGEN D Biotechnology
CGIX D Diagnostics & Research
CHE C Medical Care
CHEK C Diagnostics & Research
CHFS F Medical Devices
CHMA F Biotechnology
CHRS D Biotechnology
CI B Health Care Plans
CKPT C Biotechnology
CLBS F Biotechnology
CLDX F Biotechnology
CLGN D Biotechnology
CLLS B Biotechnology
CLPT B Medical Devices
CLRB D Biotechnology
CLSD B Biotechnology
CLSN F Biotechnology
CLVS F Biotechnology
CMD D Medical Instruments & Supplies
CMPI F Biotechnology
CMRX C Biotechnology
CNC F Health Care Plans
CNCE F Biotechnology
CNMD B Medical Devices
CNSP F Biotechnology
CNST C Biotechnology
CNTG F Diagnostics & Research
CO D Biotechnology
COCP C Biotechnology
CODX F Diagnostics & Research
COGT C Biotechnology
COLL B Drug Manufacturers - Specialty & Generic
COO A Medical Instruments & Supplies
CORT A Biotechnology
CPHI D Drug Manufacturers - Major
CPIX D Drug Manufacturers - Specialty & Generic
CPRX D Drug Manufacturers - Specialty & Generic
CRBP F Biotechnology
CRDF F Diagnostics & Research
CRHM F Medical Instruments & Supplies
CRIS B Biotechnology
CRL A Diagnostics & Research
CRMD B Biotechnology
CRNX D Biotechnology
CRON B Drug Manufacturers - Specialty & Generic
CRSP B Biotechnology
CRTX F Biotechnology
CRVS F Biotechnology
CRY D Medical Devices
CSBR D Biotechnology
CSII D Medical Devices
CSTL B Diagnostics & Research
CSU D Long-Term Care Facilities
CTIC F Biotechnology
CTLT A Drug Manufacturers - Specialty & Generic
CTMX D Biotechnology
CTSO F Diagnostics & Research
CTXR C Biotechnology
CUE F Biotechnology
CUTR C Medical Devices
CVAC C Biotechnology
CVLB D Pharmaceutical Retailers
CVM C Biotechnology
CVS B Health Care Plans
CWBR F Biotechnology
CYAD F Biotechnology
CYCC D Biotechnology
CYCCP A Biotechnology
CYCN F Biotechnology
CYH C Medical Care
CYTH D Biotechnology
CYTK F Biotechnology
DARE C Biotechnology
DBVT D Biotechnology
DCPH F Biotechnology
DCTH D Medical Devices
DFFN D Biotechnology
DGX B Diagnostics & Research
DHR C Diagnostics & Research
DMAC B Biotechnology
DNLI C Biotechnology
DRIO C Diagnostics & Research
DRNA C Biotechnology
DRRX D Drug Manufacturers - Specialty & Generic
DTIL A Biotechnology
DVA C Medical Care
DVAX F Biotechnology
DXCM F Diagnostics & Research
DXR F Medical Instruments & Supplies
DYAI F Biotechnology
DYNT D Medical Devices
EAR C Medical Devices
EARS D Biotechnology
EBS C Biotechnology
ECOR D Medical Instruments & Supplies
EDAP B Medical Devices
EDIT D Biotechnology
EDSA F Biotechnology
EGRX D Drug Manufacturers - Specialty & Generic
EHC C Medical Care
EIDX B Biotechnology
EIGR D Biotechnology
EKSO C Medical Instruments & Supplies
ELAN D Drug Manufacturers - Specialty & Generic
ELDN F Biotechnology
ELMD F Medical Devices
ELOX D Biotechnology
ENDP D Drug Manufacturers - Specialty & Generic
ENLV C Biotechnology
ENOB F Biotechnology
ENSG B Long-Term Care Facilities
ENTA C Biotechnology
ENTX F Biotechnology
ENZ C Diagnostics & Research
EOLS D Drug Manufacturers - Specialty & Generic
EPIX B Drug Manufacturers - Specialty & Generic
EPZM F Biotechnology
EQ D Biotechnology
ERYP C Biotechnology
ESPR F Biotechnology
ESTA B Medical Devices
ETNB F Biotechnology
ETON A Biotechnology
EVFM F Biotechnology
EVGN C Biotechnology
EVLO A Biotechnology
EVOK F Drug Manufacturers - Specialty & Generic
EW C Medical Devices
EXAS B Diagnostics & Research
EXEL C Biotechnology
EYEG C Biotechnology
EYEN B Biotechnology
EYES D Medical Devices
EYPT D Biotechnology
FATE B Biotechnology
FBIO C Biotechnology
FBIOP B Biotechnology
FBRX D Biotechnology
FDMT D Biotechnology
FENC D Biotechnology
FGEN D Biotechnology
FHTX F Biotechnology
FIXX C Biotechnology
FLDM F Diagnostics & Research
FLGT A Diagnostics & Research
FLXN D Drug Manufacturers - Specialty & Generic
FMS F Medical Care
FMTX F Biotechnology
FOLD F Biotechnology
FONR F Medical Devices
FPRX F Biotechnology
FREQ B Biotechnology
FRLN C Biotechnology
FSTX D Biotechnology
FULC F Biotechnology
FUSN F Biotechnology
FVE C Long-Term Care Facilities
FWP F Biotechnology
GALT F Drug Manufacturers - Specialty & Generic
GB C Medical Appliances & Equipment
GBIO F Biotechnology
GBS D Medical Devices
GBT D Biotechnology
GDRX F Health Information Services
GEN D Long-Term Care Facilities
GENE D Diagnostics & Research
GERN D Biotechnology
GH B Diagnostics & Research
GHSI C Drug Manufacturers - Specialty & Generic
GILD D Drug Manufacturers - Major
GKOS A Medical Instruments & Supplies
GLMD F Biotechnology
GLPG F Biotechnology
GLSI D Biotechnology
GLTO F Biotechnology
GLYC C Biotechnology
GMAB A Long-Term Care Facilities
GMDA C Biotechnology
GMED C Medical Devices
GNCA D Biotechnology
GNFT F Biotechnology
GNMK D Medical Devices
GNPX D Biotechnology
GOSS D Biotechnology
GOVX D Biotechnology
GRAY C Biotechnology
GRCL F Biotechnology
GRFS C Drug Manufacturers - Major
GRTS A Biotechnology
GRTX F Biotechnology
GSK D Drug Manufacturers - Major
GTH A Diagnostics & Research
GTHX C Biotechnology
GWPH B Drug Manufacturers - Major
HAE A Medical Instruments & Supplies
HALO A Biotechnology
HAPP F Drug Manufacturers - Specialty & Generic
HARP B Biotechnology
HBIO B Medical Instruments & Supplies
HCA C Medical Care
HCM D Drug Manufacturers - Major
HEPA F Biotechnology
HEXO B Drug Manufacturers - Specialty & Generic
HGEN C Biotechnology
HJLI F Medical Devices
HNGR D Medical Care
HOLX C Medical Instruments & Supplies
HOOK D Biotechnology
HOTH F Biotechnology
HRC C Medical Instruments & Supplies
HRMY F Biotechnology
HROW D Drug Manufacturers - Specialty & Generic
HRTX F Drug Manufacturers - Specialty & Generic
HSDT D Medical Devices
HSIC C Medical Distribution
HSKA B Diagnostics & Research
HSTO F Biotechnology
HTBX F Biotechnology
HTGM D Diagnostics & Research
HUGE F Drug Manufacturers - Specialty & Generic
HUM F Health Care Plans
HZNP B Drug Manufacturers - Specialty & Generic
IART A Medical Devices
IBIO F Biotechnology
ICCC B Biotechnology
ICLR A Diagnostics & Research
ICPT F Biotechnology
ICUI D Medical Instruments & Supplies
IDRA B Biotechnology
IDXG D Diagnostics & Research
IDXX C Diagnostics & Research
IDYA B Biotechnology
IFRX C Biotechnology
IGC F Drug Manufacturers - Specialty & Generic
IGMS C Biotechnology
IKT F Biotechnology
ILMN B Diagnostics & Research
IMAB B Biotechnology
IMAC D Medical Care
IMGN A Biotechnology
IMMP D Biotechnology
IMNM B Biotechnology
IMRA F Biotechnology
IMRN F Biotechnology
IMTX C Biotechnology
IMUX D Biotechnology
IMV D Biotechnology
IMVT F Biotechnology
INBX C Biotechnology
INCY C Biotechnology
INFI A Biotechnology
INFU D Medical Instruments & Supplies
INGN D Medical Devices
INM D Biotechnology
INMB B Biotechnology
INMD B Medical Devices
INO F Biotechnology
INSM D Biotechnology
INSP A Medical Devices
INVA C Biotechnology
INVO F Medical Devices
INZY C Biotechnology
IONS B Biotechnology
IOVA B Biotechnology
IPA F Biotechnology
IPHA F Biotechnology
IQV A Diagnostics & Research
IRIX B Medical Devices
IRMD F Medical Devices
IRTC B Medical Instruments & Supplies
IRWD F Drug Manufacturers - Specialty & Generic
ISEE F Biotechnology
ISR B Medical Instruments & Supplies
ISRG C Medical Instruments & Supplies
ITCI B Biotechnology
ITGR D Medical Devices
ITMR C Medical Devices
ITOS B Biotechnology
ITRM F Biotechnology
IVA A Biotechnology
IVC B Medical Devices
JAGX C Biotechnology
JAZZ A Biotechnology
JNCE C Biotechnology
JNJ A Drug Manufacturers - Major
JUPW C Drug Manufacturers—Specialty & Generic
JYNT C Medical Care
KALA F Biotechnology
KALV F Biotechnology
KDMN B Biotechnology
KDNY D Biotechnology
KIDS F Medical Devices
KIN D Biotechnology
KLDO B Biotechnology
KMDA F Biotechnology
KMPH F Biotechnology
KNSA C Biotechnology
KNTE F Biotechnology
KOD B Biotechnology
KPTI F Drug Manufacturers - Specialty & Generic
KRBP F Biotechnology
KRMD F Medical Instruments & Supplies
KROS F Biotechnology
KRTX F Biotechnology
KRYS A Biotechnology
KTRA C Biotechnology
KURA F Biotechnology
KYMR B Biotechnology
KZIA C Biotechnology
KZR F Biotechnology
LAKE D Medical Instruments & Supplies
LCI C Drug Manufacturers - Specialty & Generic
LCTX B Biotechnology
LEGN C Biotechnology
LGND A Biotechnology
LH A Diagnostics & Research
LHCG D Medical Care
LIFE D Biotechnology
LIVN D Medical Devices
LIXT C Biotechnology
LJPC D Biotechnology
LLIT D Medical Devices
LLY A Drug Manufacturers - Major
LMAT A Medical Instruments & Supplies
LMNL F Biotechnology
LMNX D Medical Instruments & Supplies
LNSR F Medical Devices
LNTH C Diagnostics & Research
LOGC C Biotechnology
LPCN C Drug Manufacturers - Specialty & Generic
LPTX C Biotechnology
LQDA F Biotechnology
LRMR F Biotechnology
LTRN F Biotechnology
LUMO D Biotechnology
LXRX C Biotechnology
LYRA D Biotechnology
MACK C Biotechnology
MASI D Medical Instruments & Supplies
MASS D Medical Devices
MBIO B Biotechnology
MBOT C Medical Instruments & Supplies
MBRX D Biotechnology
MCK B Medical Distribution
MCRB F Biotechnology
MD C Medical Care
MDGL F Biotechnology
MDGS D Medical Devices
MDNA D Biotechnology
MDT B Medical Devices
MDVL F Drug Manufacturers - Specialty & Generic
MDWD B Biotechnology
MDXG D Medical Devices
MEDP B Diagnostics & Research
MEDS D Pharmaceutical Retailers
MEIP C Drug Manufacturers - Specialty & Generic
MESO F Biotechnology
MGEN C Diagnostics & Research
MGLN A Health Care Plans
MGNX F Biotechnology
MGTA C Biotechnology
MGTX D Biotechnology
MIRM F Biotechnology
MIST D Biotechnology
MITO F Biotechnology
MLND F Biotechnology
MLSS C Medical Instruments & Supplies
MMSI C Medical Instruments & Supplies
MNKD D Biotechnology
MNOV F Biotechnology
MNPR D Biotechnology
MODV B Medical Care
MOH D Health Care Plans
MOR D Biotechnology
MORF F Biotechnology
MOTS C Diagnostics & Research
MREO D Biotechnology
MRK B Drug Manufacturers - Major
MRKR C Biotechnology
MRNA C Biotechnology
MRNS F Biotechnology
MRSN F Biotechnology
MRTX F Biotechnology
MRUS B Biotechnology
MRVI D Biotechnology
MSON F Medical Devices
MTCR F Biotechnology
MTD A Diagnostics & Research
MTEM D Biotechnology
MTNB C Biotechnology
MTP D Biotechnology
MYGN B Diagnostics & Research
MYO D Medical Devices
MYOV F Biotechnology
NAOV F Medical Devices
NARI A Medical Devices
NAVB F Biotechnology
NBIX C Biotechnology
NBRV C Biotechnology
NBSE F Biotechnology
NBTX D Biotechnology
NBY D Biotechnology
NCNA C Biotechnology
NDRA C Diagnostics & Research
NEO B Diagnostics & Research
NEOG A Diagnostics & Research
NEOS D Drug Manufacturers - Specialty & Generic
NEPH D Medical Instruments & Supplies
NERV F Biotechnology
NGM C Biotechnology
NHC D Long-Term Care Facilities
NK B Biotechnology
NKTR F Biotechnology
NKTX D Biotechnology
NLTX D Drug Manufacturers - Specialty & Generic
NMRD F Medical Devices
NMTR D Biotechnology
NNOX C Medical Devices
NNVC F Drug Manufacturers - Major
NOVN C Biotechnology
NRBO F Biotechnology
NRC F Diagnostics & Research
NRIX B Biotechnology
NSPR D Medical Devices
NSTG C Biotechnology
NTEC F Biotechnology
NTLA B Biotechnology
NTRA A Diagnostics & Research
NTUS C Medical Devices
NURO C Medical Instruments & Supplies
NUVA D Medical Devices
NVAX C Biotechnology
NVCN F Medical Devices
NVIV F Biotechnology
NVO A Biotechnology
NVRO B Medical Devices
NVS B Drug Manufacturers - Major
NVST A Medical Instruments & Supplies
NVTA B Diagnostics & Research
NXTC F Biotechnology
NYMX F Biotechnology
OBLN D Medical Devices
OBSV C Biotechnology
OCGN D Biotechnology
OCUL D Biotechnology
OCUP A Biotechnology
OCX B Biotechnology
ODT F Biotechnology
OFIX B Medical Devices
OGEN D Biotechnology
OGI C Drug Manufacturers - Specialty & Generic
OLMA D Biotechnology
OM F Medical Devices
OMER C Biotechnology
OMI D Medical Distribution
ONCR D Biotechnology
ONCS D Biotechnology
ONCT C Biotechnology
ONCY C Biotechnology
ONEM A Health Information Services
ONTX D Biotechnology
ONVO C Diagnostics & Research
OPCH A Medical Care
OPGN F Diagnostics & Research
OPK C Drug Manufacturers - Specialty & Generic
OPNT C Biotechnology
OPTN F Drug Manufacturers - Specialty & Generic
ORGO B Drug Manufacturers - Specialty & Generic
ORGS C Biotechnology
ORIC B Biotechnology
ORMP C Biotechnology
ORTX D Biotechnology
OSH F Medical Care Facilities
OSMT F Biotechnology
OSUR C Medical Instruments & Supplies
OTIC D Biotechnology
OTLK C Biotechnology
OTRK C Medical Care
OTRKP F Medical Care Facilities
OVID F Biotechnology
OXFD B Diagnostics & Research
OYST F Biotechnology
OZON D Diagnostics & Research
PACB A Diagnostics & Research
PAHC D Drug Manufacturers - Specialty & Generic
PAND C Biotechnology
PASG C Biotechnology
PAVM D Medical Devices
PBH C Medical Distribution
PBLA D Biotechnology
PBYI C Biotechnology
PCRX B Drug Manufacturers - Specialty & Generic
PCSA D Biotechnology
PCVX F Biotechnology
PDCO C Medical Distribution
PDEX F Medical Instruments & Supplies
PDSB D Biotechnology
PEN D Medical Devices
PETQ C Drug Manufacturers - Specialty & Generic
PFE F Drug Manufacturers - Major
PGEN D Biotechnology
PHAS C Biotechnology
PHAT F Biotechnology
PHG C Diagnostics & Research
PHIO D Biotechnology
PIRS F Biotechnology
PKI D Diagnostics & Research
PLRX F Biotechnology
PLSE C Medical Instruments & Supplies
PLX B Biotechnology
PLXP D Biotechnology
PMD D Diagnostics & Research
PMVP C Biotechnology
PNTG D Long-Term Care Facilities
POAI F Medical Instruments & Supplies
PODD A Medical Devices
PPBT F Biotechnology
PPD C Drug Manufacturers - Specialty & Generic
PRAH A Diagnostics & Research
PRAX D Biotechnology
PRFX F Drug Manufacturers—Specialty & Generic
PRGO F Drug Manufacturers - Specialty & Generic
PRLD C Biotechnology
PROF C Diagnostics & Research
PROG D Biotechnology
PRPH D Drug Manufacturers - Major
PRPO D Diagnostics & Research
PRQR F Biotechnology
PRTA B Biotechnology
PRTC F Biotechnology
PRTK B Biotechnology
PRVB F Biotechnology
PRVL B Biotechnology
PSNL A Biotechnology
PSTI F Biotechnology
PSTV C Biotechnology
PSTX F Biotechnology
PTCT C Biotechnology
PTE F Biotechnology
PTGX D Biotechnology
PTN B Diagnostics & Research
PTPI D Biotechnology
PULM C Biotechnology
PYPD D Biotechnology
QDEL D Diagnostics & Research
QGEN B Diagnostics & Research
QLGN F Biotechnology
QLI F Drug Manufacturers-Specialty & Generic
QTNT F Diagnostics & Research
QTRX A Biotechnology
QURE F Biotechnology
RAPT F Biotechnology
RARE D Biotechnology
RCEL F Medical Devices
RCKT D Biotechnology
RCUS B Biotechnology
RDHL F Biotechnology
RDNT D Diagnostics & Research
RDUS C Drug Manufacturers - Specialty & Generic
RDY C Drug Manufacturers - Specialty & Generic
REGN F Biotechnology
REPH F Biotechnology
REPL F Biotechnology
RETA F Biotechnology
RFL D Biotechnology
RGEN A Biotechnology
RGLS D Biotechnology
RGNX D Biotechnology
RHE D Long-Term Care Facilities
RIGL C Biotechnology
RLAY D Biotechnology
RLMD D Drug Manufacturers - Specialty & Generic
RMD C Medical Instruments & Supplies
RMED F Medical Devices
RMTI F Drug Manufacturers - Major
RNA F Biotechnology
RNLX B Diagnostics & Research
RPRX B Biotechnology
RPTX D Biotechnology
RUBY C Biotechnology
RVMD D Biotechnology
RVNC D Biotechnology
RVP C Medical Instruments & Supplies
RVPH B Biotechnology
RWLK C Medical Devices
RYTM B Biotechnology
RZLT F Biotechnology
SAGE D Biotechnology
SAVA B Biotechnology
SBBP D Biotechnology
SBTX D Biotechnology
SCPH F Biotechnology
SCPS F Biotechnology
SCYX C Drug Manufacturers - Specialty & Generic
SDC F Medical Devices
SDGR B Health Information Services
SEEL C Biotechnology
SEER D Biotechnology
SELB C Biotechnology
SEM D Medical Care
SENS B Diagnostics & Research
SESN C Biotechnology
SGEN D Biotechnology
SGMO D Biotechnology
SGRY B Medical Care
SGTX F Biotechnology
SHC F Diagnostics & Research
SIBN B Medical Devices
SIEN F Medical Instruments & Supplies
SIGA D Biotechnology
SILK D Medical Devices
SINT C Medical Devices
SIOX F Biotechnology
SLDB D Drug Manufacturers - Specialty & Generic
SLGL C Biotechnology
SLN D Biotechnology
SLNO F Diagnostics & Research
SLRX D Biotechnology
SLS D Biotechnology
SMMT D Drug Manufacturers - Specialty & Generic
SMTI F Medical Care Facilities
SNCA C Biotechnology
SNDL D Drug Manufacturers - Specialty & Generic
SNDX C Biotechnology
SNGX F Biotechnology
SNN C Medical Devices
SNOA D Drug Manufacturers - Specialty & Generic
SNSS D Biotechnology
SNY D Drug Manufacturers - Major
SOLY C Medical Devices
SONN F Biotechnology
SPNE C Medical Devices
SPPI F Biotechnology
SPRB F Biotechnology
SPRO D Biotechnology
SQZ D Biotechnology
SRDX D Diagnostics & Research
SRGA F Medical Devices
SRNE D Biotechnology
SRPT F Biotechnology
SRRA B Biotechnology
SRRK B Biotechnology
SRTS D Medical Devices
SSKN B Medical Instruments & Supplies
SSY C Medical Care
STAA B Medical Instruments & Supplies
STE D Medical Instruments & Supplies
STIM A Diagnostics & Research
STOK A Biotechnology
STRO B Biotechnology
STRR D Medical Devices
STRRP B Medical Devices
STSA F Biotechnology
STXS B Medical Instruments & Supplies
SUPN A Drug Manufacturers - Specialty & Generic
SURF A Biotechnology
SVA F Biotechnology
SVRA F Biotechnology
SWAV A Medical Devices
SWTX B Biotechnology
SXTC D Drug Manufacturers - Specialty & Generic
SYBX B Biotechnology
SYK B Medical Devices
SYN D Biotechnology
SYNH A Diagnostics & Research
SYRS B Biotechnology
TAK F Drug Manufacturers - Specialty & Generic
TARA F Biotechnology
TARO D Drug Manufacturers - Specialty & Generic
TARS D Biotechnology
TBIO C Biotechnology
TBPH F Biotechnology
TCDA F Drug Manufacturers - Specialty & Generic
TCMD C Medical Devices
TCON C Biotechnology
TCRR D Biotechnology
TECH A Biotechnology
TELA F Medical Devices
TENX C Biotechnology
TEVA B Drug Manufacturers - Specialty & Generic
TFFP B Biotechnology
TFX C Medical Instruments & Supplies
TGTX D Biotechnology
THC A Medical Care
THMO F Medical Devices
THTX F Drug Manufacturers - Specialty & Generic
TLC F Biotechnology
TLGT F Drug Manufacturers - Specialty & Generic
TLRY C Drug Manufacturers - Specialty & Generic
TLSA D Biotechnology
TMBR F Biotechnology
TMDI B Medical Devices
TMDX B Medical Devices
TMO B Diagnostics & Research
TNDM F Medical Devices
TNXP D Biotechnology
TPTX B Biotechnology
TRIB C Diagnostics & Research
TRIL F Biotechnology
TRVI F Biotechnology
TRVN F Biotechnology
TRXC C Medical Instruments & Supplies
TSHA B Biotechnology
TTNP F Biotechnology
TTOO C Diagnostics & Research
TVTX C Drug Manufacturers - Major
TVTY C Medical Care
TWST A Diagnostics & Research
TXMD D Drug Manufacturers - Major
TYHT D Drug Manufacturers - Specialty & Generic
TYME C Biotechnology
UBX D Biotechnology
UHS D Medical Care
UNH C Health Care Plans
URGN D Biotechnology
UROV A Biotechnology
USPH B Medical Care
UTHR B Biotechnology
UTMD C Medical Instruments & Supplies
VAPO C Medical Devices
VAR A Medical Instruments & Supplies
VBIV D Biotechnology
VBLT B Biotechnology
VCEL B Biotechnology
VCNX F Biotechnology
VCYT D Biotechnology
VERO F Medical Devices
VERU D Drug Manufacturers - Specialty & Generic
VIE F Biotechnology
VINCU F Biotechnology
VIR D Biotechnology
VIRI F Biotechnology
VIVE D Medical Devices
VIVO C Diagnostics & Research
VKTX C Biotechnology
VMD F Medical Devices
VNDA B Biotechnology
VNRX C Diagnostics & Research
VRAY D Medical Devices
VRCA D Biotechnology
VREX C Diagnostics & Research
VRNA D Biotechnology
VRTX D Biotechnology
VSTM D Biotechnology
VTGN C Biotechnology
VTRS D Drug Manufacturers—Specialty & Generic
VTVT F Biotechnology
VVOS F Medical Devices
VXRT D Biotechnology
VYGR F Biotechnology
VYNE F Biotechnology
WAT A Diagnostics & Research
WINT F Biotechnology
WST B Medical Instruments & Supplies
WVE F Biotechnology
XBIO D Biotechnology
XBIT F Biotechnology
XCUR C Biotechnology
XENE C Biotechnology
XENT C Medical Devices
XERS C Biotechnology
XFOR C Biotechnology
XGN C Diagnostics & Research
XLRN B Biotechnology
XNCR A Biotechnology
XOMA C Biotechnology
XRAY B Medical Instruments & Supplies
XTLB C Biotechnology
XTNT D Medical Devices
XXII D Biotechnology
YMAB F Biotechnology
YMTX F Biotechnology
ZBH B Medical Devices
ZCMD F Health Information Services
ZEAL C Biotechnology
ZGNX F Drug Manufacturers - Major
ZIOP C Biotechnology
ZLAB A Biotechnology
ZNTL F Biotechnology
ZOM C Drug Manufacturers - Specialty & Generic
ZSAN D Biotechnology
ZTS D Drug Manufacturers - Specialty & Generic
ZYME D Biotechnology
ZYNE F Biotechnology
ZYXI C Medical Devices