Mobile App Update: More Intraday Alerts plus...

I'm back from my summer vacation and I've just released a new version of the mobile app.  It's live on the Google Play Store (Android) and still waiting for review on the iOS App Store.  (Although iOS users can get the new functionality now by launching the app, killing it and then launching it again.)

Here are the highlights of what's new:

  • You can now get intraday alerts pushed to your device from any stock, not just those in your watchlists & portfolios. 
  • All intraday alert configuration brought in-app 
  • Market-wide intraday alerts now filtered by your chosen volume and price thresholds 
  • Stock pages now have links to StockTwits (US & Canada only) and Twitter streams of that stock 
  • Improved Stock Ticker search
  • Formatting tweaks

You'll see some new choices under the "Intraday Alerts" section:

"My Portfolio & Watchlist Alerts" will take you to the list of intraday alerts specific to what you've defined for each of your portfolios and watchlists.

"Alerts Listing" hasn't changed -- it takes you to the list of alert types.  From there you can see stocks which triggered the chosen alert.  The big difference now is the stocks will be filtered according to your default scan preferences.  

"My Triggered Alerts" will take you to a list of alerts triggered by any stock matching your price & volume thresholds:

That list contains the messages which will be pushed to your mobile device if you've chosen to get push notifications (in the app's preferences, which you can access via the side menu).  

The "Configure Alerts" button takes you to the page where you can select which of the alerts you wish to track. 

Note that this page is for alerts for ANY STOCK (not just those in your watchlists & portfolios) matching your default price and volume thresholds.  You can now configure alerts for each of your watchlists & portfolios within the app (you could only do it on the website before).  You can do so via the "Configure Intraday Alerts" button on each of your portfolios and watchlists 

I hope you find the new functionality useful.

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