Stocks in the Basic Materials Sector

Basic materials companies are involved in the exploration, development and processing of raw materials, but many times target specific resources, such as gold, silver and crude oil. This sector also includes companies that run refineries and plants to develop refined materials.


Symbol Grade Industry
AA A Aluminum
AAON C Building Materials
AAU F Gold
ACH B Aluminum
AEHL F Building Materials
AEM D Gold
AFI B Building Materials
AG D Silver
AGFS A Agricultural Inputs
AGI F Gold
ALB C Specialty Chemicals
AM A Oil & Gas Pipelines
AMR A Coal
AMRS F Specialty Chemicals
AMTX D Specialty Chemicals
APD C Chemicals
APOG A Building Materials
APT D Building Materials
ASH B Chemicals
ASIX B Chemicals
ASM D Silver
ASPN D Building Materials
ASTL D Steel
AU D Gold
AUMN C Industrial Metals & Minerals
AUY C Gold
AVD B Agricultural Inputs
AVNT B Specialty Chemicals
AVNW C Specialty Chemicals
AVTR C Specialty Chemicals
AWI B Building Materials
AXTA B Specialty Chemicals
BAK D Chemicals
BBCP B Building Materials
BBL A Industrial Metals & Minerals
BCC B Lumber & Wood Production
BCPC B Specialty Chemicals
BECN B Building Materials
BHP A Industrial Metals & Minerals
BLD C Building Materials
BLDR A Building Materials
BTB F Specialty Chemicals
BTG D Gold
BTU A Coal
BVN B Industrial Metals & Minerals
BXC B Building Materials
CBT A Specialty Chemicals
CC A Specialty Chemicals
CCF F Specialty Chemicals
CCJ C Industrial Metals & Minerals
CDE D Gold
CE A Chemicals
CENX A Aluminum
CF A Agricultural Inputs
CGA D Agricultural Inputs
CHNR B Industrial Metals & Minerals
CINR C Industrial Metals & Minerals
CLF C Industrial Metals & Minerals
CLW C Paper & Paper Products
CMC A Steel
CMP B Industrial Metals & Minerals
CNEY F Specialty Chemicals
CPAC A Building Materials
CRH A Building Materials
CRKN D Specialty Chemicals
CSCW F Building Materials
CSTE B Building Materials
CSTM A Aluminum
CTVA A Agricultural Inputs
CX B Building Materials
DD A Chemicals
DNN D Industrial Metals & Minerals
DOOR C Building Materials
DOW B Chemicals - Major Diversified
DRD F Gold
ECL C Specialty Chemicals
ECVT D Specialty Chemicals
EGO C Gold
EMN A Chemicals
EMX D Industrial Metals & Minerals
EQX C Gold
ESI A Specialty Chemicals
EVA A Lumber & Wood Production
EXK C Silver
EXN F Other Industrial Metals & Mining
EXP B Building Materials
FCX A Copper
FF B Chemicals
FMC A Agricultural Inputs
FNV C Gold
FOE A Specialty Chemicals
FRD B Steel
FRG B Gold
FRTA A Building Materials
FSI B Specialty Chemicals
FSM D Silver
FUL B Specialty Chemicals
GATO C Other Precious Metals & Mining
GAU D Gold
GCP A Specialty Chemicals
GEVO F Specialty Chemicals
GFF C Building Materials
GFI C Gold
GGB B Steel
GLT A Paper & Paper Products
GMS C Building Materials
GPL F Industrial Metals & Minerals
GPRE C Specialty Chemicals
GROY D Other Precious Metals & Mining
GSM D Industrial Metals & Minerals
GSS A Gold
GSV C Gold
GURE D Specialty Chemicals
HBM A Copper
HCC A Coal
HL C Gold
HMY D Gold
HSC B Industrial Metals & Minerals
HUDI C Steel
HUN A Chemicals
HWKN A Specialty Chemicals
IAG D Gold
IBP C Building Materials
ICL A Agricultural Inputs
IFF C Specialty Chemicals
IOSP A Specialty Chemicals
IPI B Agricultural Inputs
ITP F Paper & Paper Products
ITRG F Other Precious Metals & Mining
JCTCF F Lumber & Wood Production
JELD C Building Materials
JHX C Building Materials
KALU B Aluminum
KGC D Gold
KL C Gold
KOP C Specialty Chemicals
KRA A Specialty Chemicals
KRO A Specialty Chemicals
KWR F Specialty Chemicals
LAC C Industrial Metals & Minerals
LEU C Industrial Metals & Minerals
LGO C Other Industrial Metals & Mining
LIN B Specialty Chemicals
LITM C Other Industrial Metals & Mining
LOMA C Building Materials
LPX B Building Materials
LTHM C Industrial Metals & Minerals
LWLG C Specialty Chemicals
LXU A Chemicals
LYB A Specialty Chemicals
MAG C Silver
MAS B Building Materials
MBII C Agricultural Inputs
MDU B Building Materials
MEOH A Chemicals
MERC B Paper & Paper Products
MKD F Chemicals
MLM B Building Materials
MMX C Industrial Metals & Minerals
MOS A Agricultural Inputs
MP A Other Industrial Metals & Mining
MT A Steel
MTA D Other Precious Metals & Mining
MTL D Steel
MTRN B Industrial Metals & Minerals
MTX B Chemicals
MUX C Industrial Metals & Minerals
NAK F Industrial Metals & Minerals
NC A Coal
NEM A Gold
NEU A Specialty Chemicals
NEXA B Industrial Metals & Minerals
NG C Gold
NGD A Gold
NGVT C Specialty Chemicals
NMG A Other Industrial Metals & Mining
NP B Paper & Paper Products
NRP A Coal
NSR B Other Precious Metals & Mining
NTIC F Specialty Chemicals
NTR A Agricultural Inputs
NUE B Steel
NX C Building Materials
NXE D Industrial Metals & Minerals
OC B Building Materials
ODC B Specialty Chemicals
OEC B Specialty Chemicals
OLN C Specialty Chemicals
OR C Gold
PAAS D Silver
PGTI C Building Materials
PKX C Steel
PLG D Industrial Metals & Minerals
PLL D Industrial Metals & Minerals
PLM F Industrial Metals & Minerals
PPG B Specialty Chemicals
PPTA F Other Precious Metals & Mining
PVG A Industrial Metals & Minerals
PZG D Industrial Metals & Minerals
RETO A Building Materials
REX A Chemicals
RFP A Paper & Paper Products
RGP B Oil & Gas Pipelines
RIO B Industrial Metals & Minerals
RKDA F Agricultural Inputs
ROCK F Building Materials
RPM B Specialty Chemicals
RS A Steel
RYAM B Chemicals
RYN B Lumber & Wood Production
SA C Gold
SCCO A Copper
SCHN D Steel
SCL B Specialty Chemicals
SGML A Other Industrial Metals & Mining
SHW B Specialty Chemicals
SID B Steel
SILV C Industrial Metals & Minerals
SIM A Steel
SKE A Other Industrial Metals & Mining
SLCA A Industrial Metals & Minerals
SLI D Other Industrial Metals & Mining
SLVM A Paper & Paper Products
SMG B Agricultural Inputs
SMID C Building Materials
SMTS D Industrial Metals & Minerals
SND B Industrial Metals & Minerals
SNES F Agricultural Inputs
SQM B Chemicals
STLD C Steel
SUM B Building Materials
SUZ A Paper & Paper Products
SVFD D Agricultural Inputs
SVM F Silver
SWM B Paper & Paper Products
SXC A Coal
SXT C Specialty Chemicals
SYNL A Steel
TECK A Industrial Metals & Minerals
TGB B Industrial Metals & Minerals
TGLS D Building Materials
THM C Gold
TMQ D Industrial Metals & Minerals
TMST A Steel
TREC B Chemicals
TREX D Building Materials
TROX A Chemicals
TRQ A Copper
TRX B Gold
TX A Steel
UAMY F Industrial Metals & Minerals
UAN A Agricultural Inputs
UEC C Industrial Metals & Minerals
UFPI B Lumber & Wood Production
UNVR A Chemicals
URG D Industrial Metals & Minerals
USAP B Steel
USAS D Silver
USLM C Building Materials
UUUU D Industrial Metals & Minerals
VALE B Industrial Metals & Minerals
VGZ D Gold
VHI A Chemicals
VMC B Building Materials
VNTR D Chemicals
VRS A Paper & Paper Products
WDFC C Specialty Chemicals
WES A Oil & Gas Pipelines
WFG A Lumber & Wood Production
WLK A Specialty Chemicals
WLKP A Chemicals
WOR B Steel
WPM D Silver
WRN B Industrial Metals & Minerals
WULF D Specialty Chemicals
WWR F Industrial Metals & Minerals
WY A Lumber & Wood Production
X C Steel
XPL D Industrial Metals & Minerals
YTEN F Specialty Chemicals
ZEUS B Steel
ZKIN D Steel
ZY F Chemicals