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2019-09-20 ESI Fell Below 200 DMA Bearish
2019-09-20 SIF Fell Below 20 DMA Bearish
2019-09-20 SIF Fell Below 50 DMA Bearish
2019-09-20 SIF MACD Bearish Centerline Cross Bearish
2019-09-20 SIF 180 Bearish Setup Bearish Swing Setup
2019-09-20 SIF Expansion Pivot Sell Setup Bearish Swing Setup

Plating is a surface covering in which a metal is deposited on a conductive surface. Plating has been done for hundreds of years; it is also critical for modern technology. Plating is used to decorate objects, for corrosion inhibition, to improve solderability, to harden, to improve wearability, to reduce friction, to improve paint adhesion, to alter conductivity, to improve IR reflectivity, for radiation shielding, and for other purposes. Jewelry typically uses plating to give a silver or gold finish.
Thin-film deposition has plated objects as small as an atom, therefore plating finds uses in nanotechnology.
There are several plating methods, and many variations. In one method, a solid surface is covered with a metal sheet, and then heat and pressure are applied to fuse them (a version of this is Sheffield plate). Other plating techniques include electroplating, vapor deposition under vacuum and sputter deposition. Recently, plating often refers to using liquids. Metallizing refers to coating metal on non-metallic objects.

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