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Stocks Making: Bollinger Band Squeeze on

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Volatility has fallen to low levels and the Bollinger Bands Bandwidth has narrowed to near 6-month lows.

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Symbol Grade Close % Change Volume Vol Surge
ENV D 61.59 -0.10 5,561,863 7.39
GRPN C 16.65 8.97 2,884,134 2.30
TECK C 50.78 2.57 6,407,253 2.25
GVA C 63.18 0.72 1,163,373 1.92
MRUS C 57.26 2.54 2,074,583 1.80
WMG F 30.91 2.55 4,118,043 1.77
EQC C 19.26 0.42 1,389,011 1.70
SD D 13.15 0.84 490,720 1.64
MAA C 140.64 -0.23 957,353 1.54
VECO C 47.19 1.14 981,392 1.52
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OpenCat584 17 days ago

Hi, I don't know if you are aware but scans anr not producing any results.


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TraderMike 17 days ago

OK, it's fixed.  I've never seen this happen in the 10+ years I've been running this site.  I'm going to put some code in place so this can't happen again.  

Sorry for the trouble

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TraderMike 17 days ago

That's strange.  I'm looking into it.  Hopefully I can get it fixed soon

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