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Recent Signals

Date Stock Signal Type
2021-06-11 AKAM Cup with Handle Other
2021-06-11 AKAM Upper Bollinger Band Walk Strength
2021-06-11 ATEN New Uptrend Bullish
2021-06-11 ATEN Upper Bollinger Band Walk Strength
2021-06-11 FSLY Calm After Storm Range Contraction
2021-06-11 FSLY Narrow Range Bar Range Contraction
2021-06-11 VNET Non-ADX 1,2,3,4 Bearish Bearish Swing Setup
2021-06-11 VNET New Uptrend Bullish
2021-06-11 VNET Crossed Above 20 DMA Bullish
2021-06-11 VNET Pocket Pivot Bullish Swing Setup

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A content delivery network or content distribution network (CDN) is a geographically distributed network of proxy servers and their data centers. The goal is to provide high availability and high performance by distributing the service spatially relative to end-users. CDNs serve a large portion of the Internet content today, including web objects (text, graphics and scripts), downloadable objects (media files, software, documents), applications (e-commerce, portals), live streaming media, on-demand streaming media, and social media sites.CDNs are a layer in the internet ecosystem. Content owners such as media companies and e-commerce vendors pay CDN operators to deliver their content to their end users. In turn, a CDN pays ISPs, carriers, and network operators for hosting its servers in their data centers.
CDN is an umbrella term spanning different types of content delivery services: video streaming, software downloads, web and mobile content acceleration, licensed/managed CDN, transparent caching, and services to measure CDN performance, load balancing, multi-CDN switching and analytics and cloud intelligence. CDN vendors may cross over into other industries like security, with DDoS protection and web application firewalls (WAF), and WAN optimization.

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