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Date Stock Signal Type
2021-05-12 CCMP New Downtrend Bearish
2021-05-12 CCMP Lower Bollinger Band Walk Weakness
2021-05-12 CCMP 180 Bearish Setup Bearish Swing Setup
2021-05-12 HSC Non-ADX 1,2,3,4 Bullish Bullish Swing Setup
2021-05-12 HSC Calm After Storm Range Contraction
2021-05-12 HSIC Non-ADX 1,2,3,4 Bullish Bullish Swing Setup
2021-05-12 HSIC 1,2,3 Pullback Bullish Bullish Swing Setup
2021-05-12 HSIC Upper Bollinger Band Walk Strength
2021-05-12 LAWS 50 DMA Resistance Bearish
2021-05-12 MMM Fell Below 20 DMA Bearish
2021-05-12 MMM MACD Bearish Signal Line Cross Bearish
2021-05-12 STKL Pocket Pivot Bullish Swing Setup
2021-05-12 STKL Slingshot Bearish Bearish Swing Setup

An abrasive is a material, often a mineral, that is used to shape or finish a workpiece through rubbing which leads to part of the workpiece being worn away by friction. While finishing a material often means polishing it to gain a smooth, reflective surface, the process can also involve roughening as in satin, matte or beaded finishes. In short, the ceramics which are used to cut, grind and polish other softer materials are known as abrasives.
Abrasives are extremely commonplace and are used very extensively in a wide variety of industrial, domestic, and technological applications. This gives rise to a large variation in the physical and chemical composition of abrasives as well as the shape of the abrasive. Some common uses for abrasives include grinding, polishing, buffing, honing, cutting, drilling, sharpening, lapping, and sanding (see abrasive machining). (For simplicity, "mineral" in this article will be used loosely to refer to both minerals and mineral-like substances whether man-made or not.)
Files are not abrasives; they remove material not by scratching or rubbing, but by the cutting action of sharp teeth which have been cut into the surface of the file, very much like those of a saw. However, diamond files are a form of coated abrasive (as they are metal rods coated with diamond powder).

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