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Snap Inc. To End 2017 With No Profit In Sight
about 1 year ago by SA Editor's Picks


Can We Beat The Robots?
about 1 year ago by Jeff Carter @ Points and Figures

At @wef “Preparing for the Future of Work in #4IR” sharing conclusions and policy recommendations of the #I7 at @G7 in Turin.#I7Legacy is a Report that includes moments and outcomes of #Innovation7 meeting. Thanks to all Innovators who contributed …

Year-to-Date Performance: Employment, Vehicle Sales, New Home Sales
about 1 year ago by Bill McBride @ Calculated Risk

Here are three tables showing year-to-date performance for three key economic metrics: Employment, Vehicle Sales, and New Home Sales.Each table shows measurements through the most recent report (October for Employment and New home Sales, and November for Vehicle sales), full year, and percent change from the previous year.As expected, employment growth has slowed in 2017, vehicle sales are down year-over-year, and new home sales are up.Note: All data is based on monthly NSA data.  Employment from the BLS, vehicle sales from BEA (with an estimate for November), and new home sales from Census.Employment Gains (000s)YearThroughOctoberFull YearYoYChange20109519512011<t...

SA Interview: Long/Short Investing With Alpha Apache
about 1 year ago by SA Editor's Picks

Top clicks this week on Abnormal Returns
about 1 year ago by abnormalreturns @ Abnormal Returns

Thanks for checking in with us this weekend. Here are the most clicked on items on Abnormal Returns for the week ended...

Three Key Ingredients of Trading Success
about 1 year ago by Brett Steenbarger, Ph.D. @ TraderFeed

In a recent post, Mike Bellafiore explained why one of the traders at his firm has been experiencing career-best success lately.  What Mike modestly leaves out from his post is that quite a few of the traders on that floor have been experiencing their best ever returns.  That creates a wonderful database for studying the ingredients of trading s...

The Top 5 REITs For 2018
about 1 year ago by SA Most Popular


Google Search Trends Confirm the Bitcoin Run-Up
about 1 year ago by Dr. Duru @ Dr. Duru

I am a fan of using Google Trends for understanding the dynamics of financial markets. I have specifically used it in the past for analyzing extremes in sentiment and trading on gold. Given Bitcoin’s latest historical surge – this time through $11,000 – I wondered whether Google (GOOG) searches were increasing alongside the price of […]

Housing Market Review (November, 2017) – A Tax-Driven Day of Angst Transforms Into Another Unrelenting Rally
about 1 year ago by Dr. Duru @ Dr. Duru

The last Housing Market Review covered data reported in October, 2017 for September, 2017. At the time, I lamented having too small an exposure to home builders while the entire sector rallied nearly non-stop. I was counting on seasonal patterns to deliver at least one buyable dip ahead of the seasonally strong period starting in […]


Energy Shares Are Bouncing on Optimism Over OPEC Agreement
about 1 year ago by John Murphy @

Energy shares are finally showing some bounce. The daily bars in the chart below shows the Energy Sector SPDR (XLE) climbing above its 50-day average today. The XLE is bouncing off chart support along its late October low and its 200-day moving average. Those are logical chart points for the XLE to start moving higher. [The 50-day average remains higher than its 200-day line which is also a...

Here Are Two Stocks To Consider In December...And One To Avoid
about 1 year ago by Tom Bowley @

I love to combine bullish seasonality with strong or strengthening technical conditions.  As we move into December, it's important to realize that there has been no better month for the S&P 500 since 1950 than December, which has produced annualized returns of +19.51%.  Also, December has resulted in rising S&P 500 prices 50 of the last 67 years, easily the best such

Bank Of America: Just Stay On The Train
about 1 year ago by SA Most Popular

Metals - The Calm Before The Storm
about 1 year ago by Greg Schnell @

One of key principals of a global bull market is the major moves in the sectors as the market expands. As we head into 2018, there are a significant number of charts that suggest we could be on the platform for a significant move in commodities. The Commodities Countdown blog tries to show some of the major themes, including oil off

Leveraged Retail ETF Gets Some Love, Too
about 1 year ago by ETF Professor @ Benzinga Long Trading Ideas

With the holiday shopping season here, perhaps it's not surprising that retail stocks and the related exchange-traded funds are spending more time in the limelight. Even the previously moribund SPDR S&P Retail ETF (NYSE: XRT) is up 5 percent over the past week and about 11 percent over the past month. XRT is still saddled with a year-to-date loss, underscoring previous weakness in shares of brick-and-mortar retailers, but data confirm investors are renewing their enthusiasm for the ETF. “About $320 million has been poured into the SPDR S&P Retail ETF over the past two days, the most since Jan. ...Full story available on<img src="