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Tough Advice For Aspiring Traders
10 days ago by Brett Steenbarger, Ph.D. @ TraderFeed

Recently, I have received an unusually large number of emails and messages from new traders who have been encountering problems--and losses--in their trading.  The majority have opened up their own accounts and are trying to learn on their own and eventually make a living from their trading.

How to improve your trading in 2019
11 days ago by smbcapital @ SMB Capital

In this webinar, you will learn the good and bad habits that impacted trader performance this past year for our traders. Learn what is working and what is not on our trading desk, from professional traders, to help you grow your trading account.The post How to improve your trading in 2019 appeared first on SMB Training Blog.

Bad trader habits that you must fix
14 days ago by smbcapital @ SMB Capital

In this video we share the bad habits we see holding traders back. For those who want to learn how to improve your trading by eliminating the bad habits holding you back as a trader, we hope this video helps.The post Bad trader habits that you must fix appeared first on SMB Training Blog.

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Investment Strategy Statement - Amit Ghate
about 1 hour ago by SA Editor's Picks


Investment Strategy Statement - Paul Nouri
about 1 hour ago by SA Editor's Picks

Alight IPO: Blackstone's Bet That Seems Very Risky
about 1 hour ago by SA IPO Analysis

Is The U.S. Dollar's Hegemony Beginning To Wane?
about 2 hours ago by SA Editor's Picks


6 Reasons Why Costco Is So Successful | Costco vs Amazon Pt. 2
about 2 hours ago by Fallible Financial Entertainment @ Fallible YouTube Channel

Get rid of your trading FOMO with our free guide: In this video we talk about the 6 things that make Costco so successful. For the slide presentation, go here: Follow AK Fallible on Twitter: And Instagram: ***All content, opinions, and commentary by Fallible is intended for general information and educational purposes only, NOT INVESTMENT ADVICE.

Buy and Sell Orders Don't Need to Be Good or Evil
about 3 hours ago by Matt Levine @ Bloomberg View

Exchange orders have no moral valence whatsoever. Nobody should get a special grace period.

DHUnplugged #444: Getting Closer
about 5 hours ago by The Disciplined Investor (The Discipl... @ The Disciplined Investor

Rally Rally – are we getting closer to a deal with China? If so, what will it look like and who will declare victory? Risk assets are moving higher on the heels of bad news – are we back to this mode again? Plus -we take a look at the social media environment along with […]

Above the 40 (February 19, 2019) – An Extended Overbought Rally In Slow Motion
about 6 hours ago by Dr. Duru @ Dr. Duru

AT40 = 88.1% of stocks are trading above their respective 40-day moving averages (DMAs) (17th overbought day)AT200 = 45.9% of stocks are trading above their respective 200DMAs (4-month high that effectively reverses the October, 2018 breakdown)VIX = 14.9Short-term Trading Call: neutral Stock Market Commentary AT40 (T2108), the percentage of stocks trading above their respective 40DMAs, ... Read more


Khiron Life: Medical Marijuana In Latin America
about 8 hours ago by SA Most Popular

4Q Corporate Results: Margins Fall. A Watch Out for 2019
about 11 hours ago by Urban Carmel @ Fat Pitch

Summary: Overall, corporate results in the fourth quarter of 2018 were good, but not great. S&P sales grew 6% and earnings rose 32%, but profit margins fell to 10.9% from a high of 12.1% in the third quarter. This was the first substantial fall in margins since the "profit recession" in 2015.Fundamentals have been driving the stock market higher, not valuations: earnings during the past 1 year and 2 years have risen faster than the S&P index itself (meaning, valuations contracted). The strong growth in company profits is not due to a net share reduction (e.g., buybacks) either.Looking ahead, expectations for 10% earnings growth in 2019 have already been revised down to 5%. This still looks too optimistic: if margins in 2019 remain at the same level as in 4Q18, then earnings growth will be 0%. Dollar appreciation and declining oil prices are additional headwinds that could cause earnings to fall this year.Valuations are now bac...