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Stocks Go Red, What Do You Do Now?
11 days ago by Investors Business Daily

No need to panic, it’s just a market correction. Here’s how you prepare for the next uptrend.

Chat With Traders: Short hype stocks, long farmland w/ Phil Goedeker, @OzarkTrades
11 days ago by

This guy makes a killing shorting "flying pigs". I didn't think he did a good job explaining the details of how he identifies entries or his risk management. Maybe he was holding back the "secret sauce"

Ep. 632: The Machines Will Kill Us with Michael Covel on Trend Following Radio
12 days ago by Trend Following Radio

Michael Covel tackles Wall Street's new volatility and the blame of machines.

(Un)Steady as She Goes: 2018 Investment Outlook
11 days ago by

The U.S. is in its second-longest equity bull market in the post WWII-era, at nearly nine years. Can financial markets continue on their upward course, or is the recent volatility a sign that bearish conditions are on their way? Sharmin Mossavar-Rahmani, chief investment officer of the Goldman Sachs Investment Strategy Group, discusses her team’s 2018 investment outlook, titled (Un)Steady as She Goes, and explains its recommendation that clients stay invested in equities in the year ahead.

TDI Podcast: Decrypting Crypto Charts with Brian Shannon (#545)
26 days ago by The Disciplined Investor (The Discipl... @ The Disciplined Investor

In this episode, Brian Shannon of provides valuable insights into trading crytptocurrencies. We talk about some of his favorite setups, indicators and what coins to focus on. As Brian has always said, “it is only price that pays” and this goes for trends with cryptocurrencies as well. We talk Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple and Ethereum. […]

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House Prices: NAR Median Prices vs Case-Shiller Index
about 3 hours ago by Bill McBride @ Calculated Risk

During the housing bubble and subsequent bust, I noted that the median house price could be distorted by the mix of houses sold. I preferred to use the repeat sales indexes from the FHFA, Case-Shiller and Corelogic (and others).Now that most of the distortion from the bubble is behind us, I thought I'd take a look at the median (and mean) house price data for existing home sales from the NAR, compared to the Case-Shiller National index.The first graph show the NAR existing home sales median and mean prices since 1999 (Not Seasonally Adjusted), compared to Case-Shiller (Seasonally Adjusted).<img alt="House Prices: NAR Median and Case-Shiller" border="0" src="

The US Deficits And The US Dollar: Bringing In A New Era?
about 3 hours ago by SA Editor's Picks


Vince Holding Shows Signs Of Life
about 4 hours ago by SA Editor's Picks


Quantenna Update: Bull Thesis Validated With Q4 Results
about 4 hours ago by SA Editor's Picks


Podcast links: CEO departures
about 4 hours ago by abnormalreturns @ Abnormal Returns

Fridays are all about podcast links here at Abnormal Returns. You can check out last week’s links including a talk about why...

SMBU’s Options Tribe Webinar: Matt Williamson of Selling Shotguns in a Volatility Apocalypse
about 4 hours ago by smbcapital @ SMB Capital

This week, Matt Williamson of will be discussing the weigted vega effect as well as second and third order volatility greeks to offer an explanation for the behavior of volatility curves in black swan events. He will also be offering ideas on theoretical ways of profiting from these events. During the webinar, Seth Freudberg will also be making some comments about changes that SMB’s Options Trading Desk is making to its approach to options trading based on lessons learned from the recent market volatility.

Hyphens Vs. Dashes
about 5 hours ago by SA Editor's Picks

Can Kardashians Trade on Tweets?
about 6 hours ago by Matt Levine @ Bloomberg View

Also testing the waters, bank-account shuffling, Larry Wolf, guns, and petros.

Amgen: Outlook
about 6 hours ago by SA Editor's Picks


General Electric: We Deserve Better Than This
about 7 hours ago by SA Most Popular


Black Knight: National Mortgage Delinquency Rate decreased in January
about 7 hours ago by Bill McBride @ Calculated Risk

From Black Knight: Black Knight’s First Look: Mortgage Delinquencies Decline Sharply in January; Hurricanes’ Lingering Impact on Performance Continues• Calendar-driven effects and fewer hurricane-related delinquencies resulted in a 210,000-loan decline in the number of past-due mortgages• Despite an 8.6 percent monthly decline, delinquencies remain 1.3 percent above last year’s levels• 146,000 loans remain delinquent as a result of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, 132,000 of which are seriously delinquent (90 or more days past due)• An early look at January data on the mortgage market in Puerto Rico shows an additional 57,000 loans still delinquent as a result of Hurricane Maria, with 49,000 seriously delinquent • The population of loans in active foreclosure rose 6,000 month-over-month, marking only the second monthly rise in more than fiv...