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Introducing StockChartsACP
1 day ago by

I like's fancy new platform.

Chart Advisor: Over It
1 day ago by IBKR Traders’ Insight

Stock indexes rose high enough to reach an important milestone. The S&P 500 index (SPX) closed higher than it did on the last day before the pandemic panic took hold (Friday, February 21st). The weekly chart below details how the historically unprecedented collapse and remarkable recovery of the index has lifted prices above the initial resistance level. This effectively puts the market in the position of predicting that the effects of the pandemic have been rendered economically inconsequential.The post Chart Advisor: Over It appeared first on Traders' Insight.

How to use Stops to tactically enter and exit trades
2 days ago by Michael Martin @ MartinKronicle

Subscribe to the show Stop orders are like your personal sentries that do nothing but add and remove risk from your portfolio. Click here to get your free copy of The Inner Voice of Trading audiobook.The post How to use Stops to tactically enter and exit trades appeared first on MartinKronicle.

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Under The Hood (08-07-2020)
about 2 hours ago by Steve Strazza @ All Star Charts

From the desk of Steve Strazza @Sstrazza. Welcome to this week’s edition of “Under The Hood.” You can read more about the column here. What we do is analyze the most popular Robinhood stocks over the trailing week and find opportunities to either join in and ride these momentum names higher, or fade the crowd and […] The post Under The Hood (08-07-2020) appeared first on All Star Charts.

🚨 Warren Buffett Predicts 2nd Market Crash? 🚨 Warren Buffett’s Investment Strategy
about 2 hours ago by AK Fallible - Financial Entertainment @ Fallible YouTube Channel

💰Take our free training to learn how to immediately become consistently profitable: 🚨 Warren Buffett Predicts 2nd Market Crash? 🚨 Warren Buffett’s Investment Strategy Watch More Of Our Videos: 👇💰Check Out Our Analysis & Breakdowns of Billions Episodes Here:👇 👇💰Learn To Trade Stocks With The Advice Of Real Life Market Wizards Here:📈👇 💰What Is Fallible? Fallible is where you can hang out and talk stocks, business, money, finance and whatever else you want. Just don’t be boring. That’s the one rule. Jokes are very welcome. We publish new videos almost every day on our Youtube channel. Our videos include stock market analysis, business model dissections, trade examples, psychology tips, and of course, breakdowns of our favorite finance movies and TV shows. I’ll a...

Saturday links: flu shot strategies
about 2 hours ago by abnormalreturns @ Abnormal Returns

Saturdays are the day we catch up with all the non-finance related stuff we didn’t get to during the week. You can...

Coronavirus links: social repercussions
about 3 hours ago by abnormalreturns @ Abnormal Returns

Unfortunately I now feel the need to do a weekly linkfest solely dedicated to the coronavirus pandemic. You can read last week’s...

Trade What You See (Ignore What You Hear)
about 3 hours ago by Akil Stokes @ Trading Coach Podcast

This week we're going to return yo our usual look around the markets showing you some of the top trading ideas that are on my radar for the week to come. But as always I also wanted to sneak in a lesson about the importance of trusting your analysis, trusting yourself & ignoring what other traders say about your ideas. From a technical perspective we have a lot to cover including: Double Tops/Bottoms Head & Shoulders Patterns Advanced Pattern Formation Fibonacci Support & Resistance and much more... So make sure you take notes! Also if you're looking to register for our upcoming "Confident Trader Collective" 4 Day FREE Online Trading Workshop here's the link to do so. Also, if you're a podcast listener make sure you check out my highly rated TRADING COACH PODCAST! Available on your favorite podcasting app/music streaming service Akil Stokes on Social media Facebook https://www...

Schedule for Week of August 9, 2020
about 3 hours ago by Calculated Risk @ Calculated Risk

The key reports this week are July CPI and Retail sales.For manufacturing, the Industrial Production report will be released.----- Monday, August 10th -----10:00 AM ET: Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey for June from the BLS. This graph shows job openings (yellow line), hires (purple), Layoff, Discharges and other (red column), and Quits (light blue column) from the JOLTS. Jobs openings increased in May to 5.397 million from 4.996 ...

Playing The Natural Gas Bull Market
about 11 hours ago by Tom Bruni @ All Star Charts

From the desk of Tom Bruni @BruniCharting Precious Metals are getting all of the Commodity attention these days, but the truth is there is a lot more opportunity in the space than just Metals. In this post, I want to outline why we think Natural Gas is in a new bull market and how we’re […] The post Playing The Natural Gas Bull Market appeared first on All Star Charts.


Checking In On Gold & Silver
about 14 hours ago by Tom Bruni @ All Star Charts

Strength in Precious Metals has been a theme we’ve been taking advantage of since Gold’s breakout in June 2019. Now that prices have skyrocketed over the last few weeks, many are asking, what’s next for these shiny assets? In this post, we’re going to walk through our past analysis, review our targets, and outline how […] The post Checking In On Gold & Silver appeared first on All Star Charts.

Major Market Rotation Taking Shape! | Mary Ellen McGonagle | The MEM Edge (08.07.20
about 16 hours ago by StockCharts @ YouTube Channel

Mary Ellen reviews significant moves taking place in the markets and the best ways to play them. She also shared the 3 triggers of a highly bullish stock and where to uncover them. Follow Mary Ellen: Website: Blog: ––––– Enjoy this video? Subscribe to StockCharts on YouTube to watch more great content from top financial experts, with new content posted daily: See what better financial charting can do for you! Start your FREE 1-month trial today at FOLLOW US Twitter: Facebook: LinkedIn: ABOUT STOCKCHARTS is the web's leading technical analysis and financial charting platform. Trusted by millions of online investors around the world, the company has been an industry leader in the financial technology space for more than t...

Coming Up on Stockcharts TV | Week of August 10th
about 17 hours ago by StockCharts @ YouTube Channel

Here's a look at what is coming up on StockCharts TV for the week of August 10th. Your Daily Five | Weekdays 1pm ET Your Daily Five delivers a unique perspective every weekday. Each expert brings 5 charts that tell you the most important themes and patterns they’re watching. 08/10 Tom Bowley 08/11 Greg Schnell 08/12 Julius de Kempenaer 08/13 John Kosar 08/14 Jane Behind the Charts with Josh Belanger| Monday 12:00pm ET In February at the Orlando Money Show, Dave Keller sat down with Josh Belanger, Founder of The August Edition of The Pitch airs Thursday August 13th at 6:30pm ET. Moderator: David Keller, CMT Panelists: Dave Landry - Grayson Roze - VP of Operations at Tom Bowley - Chief Market Strategist at For all the latest on StockCharts TV, be sure to follow us on Twitter @stockchartsTV Watch Live ––––– Enjoy this video? Subscribe to StockCharts on YouTube to watch more great conte...