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Strength Stock Scans
This set of scans can be used to find stocks which are experiencing price strength. That could be defined by a rising relative strength rating (this site's letter grades), an increase in price for one day or multiple days in a row, triggering a uptrend based on the ADX & Directional Movement indicators, overbought stochastic, etc.
Name Description
Above Upper BB Stocks which closed above their upper Bollinger Band.
BB Squeeze + Lower Band Touch Stocks in a Bollinger Band Squeeze which touched the lower band.
BB Squeeze + Upper Band Touch Stocks in a Bollinger Band Squeeze which touched the upper band.
Expansion Breakout Rules (via 'Hit & Run Trading'):
  • Day 1 (today) - Stock must make a two-month calendar High.
  • Day 1's range must be the largest of the previous 9 trading days.
  • For the buy: tomorrow only, buy 10 cents above today's high.
  • Initial maximum risk (stop loss) 1 point under Day 1's close.
  • Thereafter, use a trailing stop.
    1. Expansion Pivot Buy Setup Rules (via 'Hit & Run Trading'):
    2. Today's trading range must be greater than the daily range of the past nine trading sessions.
    3. Either yesterday or today, the stock is trading at or below the 50-day moving average and explodes higher.
    4. Tomorrow buy 10 cents above the explosion-day high.
    5. Our initial protective stop is 1 point below the explosion day's close.
      1. Gapped Up Stocks which gapped up.
        Grade Rose To Stocks which had their relative strength increase to a certain letter grade.
        Most Bullish Alerts Stocks with the most bullish alerts for the day.
        New 52 Week Closing High Price made a new 52-week closing high
        New 52 Week High Price made a new 52-week high
        New Uptrend ADX has risen above 25 and Directional Movement is up.
        Overbought Stochastic Stocks with Overbought Stochastic
        Parabolic Rise Stocks which are in the midst of an extremely sharp rally. They are very extended and may be ripe for a pullback.
        Percentage Change - Historical Greatest Percentage Gainers or Losers over various timeframes.
        RSI Cross Find stocks which have either crossed above or below an RSI (14) level.
        STB 50 Bullish The 50 'most interesting' bullish setups for the day.
        Stochastic Reached Overbought Stochastic (14, 3, 3) reached overbought levels by rising above 80
        Top % Gainers Top percentage gainers for the day.
        Up 3 Days in a Row Stocks which rose in price three days in a row.
        Up 4 Days in a Row Stocks which rose in price four days in a row.
        Up 5 Days in a Row Stocks which rose in price five days in a row.
        Upper Bollinger Band Touch Stocks which Touched their Upper Bollinger Band.
        Upper Bollinger Band Walk Stocks which are walking up their upper Bollinger Bands