Trader Mike's Notes

These notes are here primarily to show my process and how I use the scans to find setups. This is NOT an attempt to be a stock picking service! I want people to use the site's extensive functionality to find their own setups which match their trading plans, strategies & risk tolerances.
CLOV - Clover Health

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XM - Qualtrics International Inc.

Another one showing an "Expansion Pivot Buy Setup" today (along with a Pocket Pivot). I've had this on a watchlist since its big post-earnings gap up in late April in anticipation of a move back to that 42 area. It may finally be ready.

RDFN - Redfin Corporation

I noticed this on the "Expansion Pivot Buy Setup" scan tonight. After clicking through to the stock's page I noticed that it climbed above both its 50 and 200 DMAs today. That's some important technical repair for a stock which was down almost 50% from its February high. Looks like its next significant resistance is around 73, its late April highs.

HNST - The Honest Company, Inc.

A nice collection of signals on this today: 20 DMA Support + 180 Bullish Setup + Hot IPO Pullback + Pocket Pivot + Outside Day = free money! ;-) Let's see if it triggers an entry.

TSLA - Tesla Motors, Inc.

This isn't a TSLA note but I wanted to highlight the comeback of many other EV stocks. Check out the recent percentage gains & signals from that industry. It's almost as if people are swapping out of TSLA and into the likes of NIO, FSR, WKHS, LI, etc.