Trader Mike's Notes

  • MULE - MuleSoft, Inc.

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  • MZOR - Mazor Robotics Ltd.

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  • BZH - Beazer Homes USA, Inc.


    Nice collection of signals today. Note that it's working on the handle of a Cup with Handle pattern...

  • SCHN - Schnitzer Steel Industries, Inc.

    I'm seeing strength in quite a few steel stocks today (probably due to Trump's budget). This one climbed above its 50-day moving average today and is perched to come out of its Bollinger Band Squeeze...

  • ICUI - ICU Medical, Inc.

    Another one from the "STB 50 Bullish In-Play" list. So far this is just looking like a normal retracement back to old resistance (at $160) which *should* (might) become support

  • NSIT - Insight Enterprises, Inc.

    Here's one from the "STB 50 Bullish In-Play" scan list. It has now filled its post-earnings gap. I want to see it climb back above its 50-day moving average before I'd consider buying it...

  • JLL - Jones Lang LaSalle Incorporated


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  • IWM - iShares Russell 2000 ETF


    The Small cap Russell 2000 index continues to lag the other indices. Like many other indices, it broke its 50-day moving average today. But the Russell is also now well below its lower Bollinger Band. Also note (on the General Market Analysis page) all the stocks which broke their 50-day moving averages today. That was the #1 alert for the day. That's also reflected in the graph of the % of stocks above their 50-day moving averages. That dropped from 53% to 42% today. The low 20s is oversold for that indicator, so there's still plenty of room for that indicator to drop. It's been about 6 months since it was under 40%, so perhaps we're due for a flush-out...

    Screenshot 2017 05 17 17.54.37

  • INTC - Intel Corporation

    Nice set of alerts/signals today: Crossed Above 50 DMA, 200 DMA Support & Stochastic Buy Signal... Looking good for a swing back toward the April highs.

  • WRLD - World Acceptance Corporation

    One of the more interesting charts from the "STB 50 Bullish In-Play" scan today. This could be a good long or short depending based on a break of Friday's range...