Trader Mike's Notes

  • CALA - Calithera Biosciences, Inc.

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  • MDSO - Medidata Solutions, Inc.

    My favorite chart from today's "Top Fifty Bullish" list. It found support at the 50 DMA and its lower Bollinger Band today. Its stochastic hit oversold today as well.

  • HAL - Halliburton Company


    A ton of oil stocks rose above their 50-day moving averages today (and triggered "Expansion Pivot Buy Setup" signals). Has oil turned the corner???

  • AAPL - Apple Inc.

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  • NVCR - NovoCure Limited

    This is a great example of one of my favorite setups -- and why I created the "Calm After Storm" scan. This had a huge gap up on April 3rd and then it sold off hard the rest of that day. Volatility dried up the next couple of days -- and it made back-to-back Calm After Storms on those days. A buy above one of those days' ranges would have netted about a 100% gain if you'd held until today. In real time it might look kinda crazy to buy after a move like that gap & sell-off on April 3rd but I see this pattern over & over again. One winner like this can pay for a few that fail.

  • ORCL - Oracle Corporation

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  • GOOS - Canada Goose Holdings Inc.

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  • MOMO - Momo Inc.

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  • VRAY - ViewRay, Inc.

    This popped up on the "Top Fifty Bullish" list today after making a slew of signals today, including climbing back above its 50-day moving average and a MACD Bullish Signal Line Cross. It's been spending a lot of time consolidating (as evidenced by the Bollinger Band Squeeze it's in) its huge rally from earlier in the year. I'd like to see this close above the resistance at $7

  • FND - Floor & Decor Holdings, Inc.


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