Trader Mike's Notes

  • IRBT - iRobot Corporation

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  • NLNK - NewLink Genetics Corporation

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  • SCMP - Sucampo Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

    One of my favorite charts on the "Top 50 Bullish" scan today. There's a clear line in the sand at $12...

  • CONE - CyrusOne Inc

    A nice Morning Star-like pattern combined with oversold stochastic has put this front and center on my radar.

  • ABMD - ABIOMED, Inc.

    nice mix of bullish alerts on this today

  • NFLX - Netflix, Inc.

    On days & junctures like this I like to check the "Strong but Oversold" scan to see what former high fliers are being dragged down along with the market. This is one which jumped out to me. It's just a hair above its 50 DMA and is very close to closing its post-earnings gap up from mid July. I'll be adding it to a watchlist so I don't lose track of it if/when the market firms up.

  • SPY - SPDR S&P 500


    This is about the broad market, not just SPY... This is a good day to look at the "General Market Overview" page. You'll see a lot of bearish action happened today. Just about every major index broke either its 50 or 200-day moving average. The % of stocks above their 50 DMAs dropped to 35 -- the lowest it's been since November. There were almost 4 new lows for every new high. Most of the indices made a new August low and have started to print a pattern of lower highs and lower lows... It may be time to switch from a strategy of buying every dip which has worked so well for so long.

  • GOOG - Alphabet Inc. - Class C

    It's interesting that both GOOG(L) and AMZN are now under their 50-day moving averages. A buying opportunity or a big warning for the tech sector???

  • AMZN -, Inc.

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  • CALA - Calithera Biosciences, Inc.

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