Stocks Making: Expansion Breakout on 2017-03-24
Rules (via 'Hit & Run Trading'):
  • Day 1 (today) - Stock must make a two-month calendar High.
  • Day 1's range must be the largest of the previous 9 trading days.
  • For the buy: tomorrow only, buy 10 cents above today's high.
  • Initial maximum risk (stop loss) 1 point under Day 1's close.
  • Thereafter, use a trailing stop.

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    Symbol Grade Name % Change Volume Vol Surge
    CLAC Grade a Capitol Acquisition Corp. III 0.97 1,656,065 5.50
    MU Grade a Micron Technology, Inc. 7.40 107,216,143 2.81
    CY Grade a Cypress Semiconductor Corporation 3.07 12,285,519 1.89
    ASPS Grade b Altisource Portfolio Solutions S.A. 8.74 626,102 1.44
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