New Scan Request: Volume > previous day's volume

by TraderMike over 1 year ago

I received the following via email: 

A request. would it be possible to add a scan for “Volume > previous day volume” . I like to use that on new uptrend confirmation. for instance i may combine it with 20dma cross and Bb squeeze for instance just for example

I do like the idea of using something like that in a Combo Scan -- not so much as a stand-alone thing.  Probably the most frequent complaint I get about the site is that people are overwhelmed with options.  My goal when I started the site was to make something simple for people to use, so I hesitate to add more "stuff".

One thing I've thought about over the years is allowing people to specify which signals (scans) appear on the stock pages & in their watchlists & portfolios.  I think something like this is a good reason to implement that kind of customization.  For example, someone could specify "never show me the MACD signals" and they would be filtered out from many of the pages on the site (I'm not sure if I can get rid of them on all pages... I'll have to see how it goes when I try to implement this filtering.)

But when explicitly looking at the lists of scans or running a Combo Scan all scans would be available to choose from.  I think that may be a good way to add some more scans/signals into the mix.

I could see adding some signals primarily for usage in Combo Scans such as:
  • Volume > previous day's volume
  • Volume < previous day's volume
  • Closed above previous day's high
  • Closed below previous day's low

Any thoughts?  Are there other signals I should consider adding?

Ani over 1 year ago

Closed above previous week's high, Closed below previous week's low

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TraderMike over 1 year ago

Just to be sure... you're talking calendar weeks as opposed to a rolling 5-day period, right?

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Ani over 1 year ago

Yes calender week 

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