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Synthetic lethality arises when a combination of deficiencies in the expression of two or more genes leads to cell death, whereas a deficiency in only one of these genes does not. The deficiencies can arise through mutations, epigenetic alterations or inhibitors of one of the genes. In a synthetic lethal genetic screen, it is necessary to begin with a mutation that does not kill the cell, although may confer a phenotype (for example, slow growth), and then systematically test other mutations at additional loci to determine which confer lethality. Synthetic lethality has utility for purposes of molecular targeted cancer therapy, with the first example of a molecular targeted therapeutic exploiting a synthetic lethal exposed by an inactivated tumor suppressor gene (BRCA1 and 2) receiving FDA approval in 2016 (PARP inhibitor). A sub-case of synthetic lethality, where vulnerabilities are exposed by the deletion of passenger genes rather than tumor suppressor is the so-called "collateral lethality".

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