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Date Stock Signal Type
2021-05-12 CRSP Death Cross Bearish
2021-05-12 CRSP NR7 Range Contraction
2021-05-12 CVAC Fell Below 50 DMA Bearish
2021-05-12 CVAC MACD Bearish Centerline Cross Bearish
2021-05-12 EDIT NR7 Range Contraction
2021-05-12 EDIT 180 Bearish Setup Bearish Swing Setup
2021-05-12 NTLA NR7 Range Contraction
2021-05-12 RPTX Death Cross Bearish
2021-05-12 RPTX Bollinger Band Squeeze Range Contraction
2021-05-12 RPTX Non-ADX 1,2,3,4 Bullish Bullish Swing Setup
2021-05-12 RPTX Fell Below 20 DMA Bearish

Recent News for CRISPR Stocks

Date Stock Title
May 13 CVAC NYC Mayor Offers Shake Shack Incentive for Vaccine: Virus Update
May 13 CVAC CureVac-GSK's Second-Gen COVID-19 Vaccine Candidate Shows Encouraging Action Against Variants In Animal Study
May 13 CVAC CureVac (CVAC) shares rise 5% on encouraging CV2CoV data against COVID-19 variants
May 13 CVAC CureVac: Second-Generation COVID-19 Vaccine Candidate, CV2CoV, Demonstrates High Immunogenicity Against Virus Variants in Preclinical Study
May 13 RPTX Cathie Wood Piles Up Palantir For Third Day In A Row, Adding $39M Worth Of Shares
May 12 CRSP Vertex and CRISPR Therapeutics to Present New Clinical Data on Investigational CRISPR/Cas9 Gene-Editing Therapy CTX001™ For Severe Hemoglobinopathies at the Annual European Hematology Association Virtual Congress
May 12 CRSP 3 Healthcare Stocks That Might Soar if Biden Gets This Part of His Budget Approved
May 12 CRSP Cathie Wood Loads Up $57M In Palantir As Stock Stages Reversal On Q1 Earnings Beat
May 12 RPTX Cathie Wood Loads Up $57M In Palantir As Stock Stages Reversal On Q1 Earnings Beat
May 11 CRSP Cathie Wood’s ARK Wasn’t Built for a Flood
May 11 NTLA Cathie Wood’s ARK Wasn’t Built for a Flood
May 11 RPTX Here's Why We're Not At All Concerned With Repare Therapeutics' (NASDAQ:RPTX) Cash Burn Situation
May 11 EDIT 11 Plunging Stocks Are Badly Burning Cathie Wood's ARK Invest
May 11 CRSP Avoid the Dogecoin Crash by Buying These 2 Growth Stocks Instead
May 11 ABEO Moving Average Crossover Alert: Abeona Therapeutics (ABEO)
May 11 RPTX Cathie Wood Cuts Apple Stake By 30% And Buys Coinbase, DraftKings
May 10 CVAC CureVac Could Soon Join The Fight Against COVID-19
May 8 CVAC These four COVID-19 vaccines could soon join the pandemic fight
May 7 NTLA Intellia Therapeutics, Inc. (NTLA) Q1 2021 Earnings Call Transcript
May 7 CVAC Vaccine Stocks Take Wild Ride Amid Political Clash, Earnings
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CRISPR () (clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats) is a family of DNA sequences found within the genomes of prokaryotic organisms such as bacteria and archaea. These sequences are derived from DNA fragments from viruses that have previously infected the prokaryote and are used to detect and destroy DNA from similar viruses during subsequent infections. Hence these sequences play a key role in the antiviral defense system of prokaryotes.Cas9 (or "CRISPR-associated 9") is an enzyme that uses CRISPR sequences as a guide to recognize and cleave specific strands of DNA that are complementary to the CRISPR sequence. Cas9 enzymes together with CRISPR sequences form the basis of a technology known as CRISPR/Cas9 that can be used to edit genes within organisms. This type of gene editing process has a wide variety of applications including use as a basic biology research tool, development of biotechnology products, and potentially to treat diseases..

The CRISPR/Cas system is a prokaryotic immune system that confers resistance to foreign genetic elements such as those present within plasmids and phages that provides a form of acquired immunity. RNA harboring the spacer sequence helps Cas (CRISPR-associated) proteins recognize and cut foreign pathogenic DNA. Other RNA-guided Cas proteins cut foreign RNA. CRISPR are found in approximately 50% of sequenced bacterial genomes and nearly 90% of sequenced archaea.

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