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2021-04-09 IPGP Volume Surge Other
2021-04-09 IPGP Upper Bollinger Band Walk Strength
2021-04-09 IPGP Expansion Pivot Buy Setup Bullish Swing Setup
2021-04-09 IPGP Pocket Pivot Bullish Swing Setup
2021-04-09 SSKN NR7 Range Contraction
2021-04-09 SSKN Narrow Range Bar Range Contraction

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An excimer (originally short for excited dimer) is a short-lived dimeric or heterodimeric molecule formed from two species, at least one of which has a valence shell completely filled with electrons (for example, noble gases). In this case, formation of molecules is possible only if such atom is in an electronic excited state. Heteronuclear molecules and molecules that have more than two species are also called exciplex molecules (originally short for excited complex). Excimers are often diatomic and are composed of two atoms or molecules that would not bond if both were in the ground state. The lifetime of an excimer is very short, on the order of nanoseconds. Binding of a larger number of excited atoms forms Rydberg matter clusters, the lifetime of which can exceed many seconds.

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