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Date Stock Signal Type
2019-06-14 ARQL Crossed Above 20 DMA Bullish
2019-06-14 ARQL Crossed Above 50 DMA Bullish
2019-06-14 ARQL New 52 Week High Strength
2019-06-14 ARQL Volume Surge Other
2019-06-14 ARQL New 52 Week Closing High Bullish
2019-06-14 ARQL New Uptrend Bullish
2019-06-14 ARQL Gilligan's Island Sell Setup Bearish Swing Setup
2019-06-14 ARQL Expansion Breakout Bullish Swing Setup
2019-06-14 ARQL MACD Bullish Centerline Cross Bullish
2019-06-14 ARQL Pocket Pivot Bullish Swing Setup
2019-06-14 ONTX Crossed Above 20 DMA Bullish

In biochemistry, a kinase is an enzyme that catalyzes the transfer of phosphate groups from high-energy, phosphate-donating molecules to specific substrates. This process is known as phosphorylation, where the substrate gains a phosphate group and the high-energy ATP molecule donates a phosphate group. This transesterification produces a phosphorylated substrate and ADP. Conversely, it is referred to as dephosphorylation when the phosphorylated substrate donates a phosphate group and ADP gains a phosphate group (producing a dephosphorylated substrate and the high energy molecule of ATP). These two processes, phosphorylation and dephosphorylation, occur four times during glycolysis. Kinases are part of the larger family of phosphotransferases. Kinases should not be confused with phosphorylases, which catalyze the addition of inorganic phosphate groups to an acceptor, nor with phosphatases, which remove phosphate groups. The phosphorylation state of a molecule, whether it be a protein, lipid, or carbohydrate, can affect its activity, reactivity, and its ability to bind other molecules. Therefore, kinases are critical in metabolism, cell signalling, protein regulation, cellular transport, secretory processes, and many other cellular pathways, which makes them very important to human physiology.

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