Wire Stocks List

Recent Signals

Date Stock Signal Type
2019-08-16 APWC Narrow Range Bar Range Contraction
2019-08-16 HWCC New 52 Week Low Weakness
2019-08-16 HWCC Volume Surge Other
2019-08-16 HWCC Wide Range Bar Range Expansion
2019-08-16 HWCC New 52 Week Closing Low Bearish
2019-08-16 HWCC Lower Bollinger Band Walk Weakness
2019-08-16 HWCC Expansion Breakdown Bearish Swing Setup
2019-08-16 HWCC MACD Bearish Signal Line Cross Bearish
2019-08-16 HWCC Stochastic Reached Oversold Weakness
2019-08-16 LEG 50 DMA Resistance Bearish
2019-08-16 WIRE Crossed Above 200 DMA Bullish

A wire is a single, usually cylindrical, flexible strand or rod of metal. Wires are used to bear mechanical loads or electricity and telecommunications signals. Wire is commonly formed by drawing the metal through a hole in a die or draw plate. Wire gauges come in various standard sizes, as expressed in terms of a gauge number. The term wire is also used more loosely to refer to a bundle of such strands, as in "multistranded wire", which is more correctly termed a wire rope in mechanics, or a cable in electricity.
Wire comes in solid core, stranded, or braided forms. Although usually circular in cross-section, wire can be made in square, hexagonal, flattened rectangular, or other cross-sections, either for decorative purposes, or for technical purposes such as high-efficiency voice coils in loudspeakers. Edge-wound coil springs, such as the Slinky toy, are made of special flattened wire.

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