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Reversal Stock Scans
Most of these scans are based on Japanese Candlestick patterns, which are good patterns for finding potential reversals. The other two -- "Weak, Overbought and Reversal Signs" and "Strong, Oversold and Reversal Signs" -- are their own combination scans. They require a certain grade (relative strength rating), overbought or oversold stochastic and either an NR7 or att least one reversal candlestick pattern.
Name Description
Bearish Engulfing A chart pattern that consists of a small white candlestick with short shadows or tails followed by a large black candlestick that eclipses or engulfs the small white one's real body.
Bullish Engulfing A chart pattern that forms when a small black candlestick is followed by a large white candlestick that completely eclipses or engulfs the previous candlestick's real body.
Evening Star Evening star formations can be useful in determining trend changes, particularly when used in conjunction with other indicators. Many traders use price oscillators and trendlines to confirm this candlestick pattern
Hammer Candlestick The Hammer is a bullish reversal pattern that forms after a decline. In addition to a potential trend reversal, hammers can mark bottoms or support levels. After a decline, hammers signal a bullish revival.
Morning Star A morning star pattern can be useful in determining trend changes, particularly when used in conjunction with other technical indicators. Many traders also use price oscillators such as the MACD and RSI to confirm the reversal.
Shooting Star Candlestick The shooting star is made up of one candlestick (white or black) with a small body, long upper shadow and small or nonexistent lower shadow.
Strong, Oversold and Reversal Signs Strong Stocks which were Oversold and showing bullish reversal signals.
Weak, Overbought and Reversal Signs Weak Stocks which were Overbought and showing bearish reversal signals.