Stocks Making: Jack-in-the-Box Bearish on 2017-10-16
Rules (via 'Hit & Run Trading II'):
  • Day 1 - Stock must make an expansion breakdown (XBD).
  • Day 2 - Stock must form an inside day.
  • Sell short the day after the inside day, 5 cents below the XBD day's low and risk one point.
  • If the stock closes strongly (weakly) in the bottom of the day's range, hold at least half of your position overnight, as it's likely to follow through the next day.

    Symbol Grade Name % Change Volume Vol Surge
    ATHN Grade f athenahealth, Inc. -0.08 851,616 1.93
    BOJA Grade f Bojangles', Inc. 2.90 445,292 1.57

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