Local Telephone ETF List

ETFs which hold one or more stocks tagged as: Local Telephone.

Symbol Grade Name Weight
ECON D EGShares Emerging Markets Consumer ETF 3.52
PSCU B PowerShares S&P SmallCap Utilities Portfolio 2.89
FEVR C Northern Lights Fund Trust IV Inspire Faithward Large Cap Momentum ESG ETF 1.94
FLTW A Franklin FTSE Taiwan ETF 1.83
EWT A iShares MSCI Taiwan Index Fund 1.53
XCEM B EGShares EM Core ex-China ETF 1.49
ARB B AltShares Merger Arbitrage ETF 1.47
EEMV C iShares MSCI Emerging Markets Minimum Volatility Index Fund 1.43
EELV A PowerShares S&P Emerging Markets Low Volatility Portfolio 1.33
SIXS B 6 Meridian Small Cap Equity ETF 1.04
FLQE A Franklin LibertyQ Emerging Markets ETF 0.95
ADRE D BLDRS Emerging Markets 50 ADR Index Fund 0.82
ROAM A Lattice Emerging Markets Strategy ETF 0.74
JPEM A JPMorgan Diversified Return Emerging Markets Equity ETF 0.57
CEZ A Victory CEMP Emerging Market Volatility Wtd Index ETF 0.55
EMXF D iShares ESG Advanced MSCI EM ETF 0.55
QEMM C SPDR MSCI Emerging Markets Quality Mix ETF 0.52
ACWV A iShares MSCI All Country World Minimum Volatility Index Fund 0.51
KEMX B KraneShares MSCI Emerging Markets ex China Index ETF 0.5
RZG D Guggenheim S&P Smallcap 600 Pure Growth ETF 0.49
NXTG B First Trust IndXX NextG ETF 0.45
TDIV A First Trust Exchange-Traded Fund VI First Trust NASDAQ Technology Dividend Index Fund 0.44
AIA D iShares Asia 50 ETF 0.43
LDEM D iShares ESG MSCI EM Leaders ETF 0.43
MFEM B PIMCO Equitiy Series PIMCO RAFI Dynamic Multi-Factor Emerging Markets Equity ETF 0.43
SSLY B Syntax Stratified SmallCap ETF 0.41
SIXL A 6 Meridian Low Beta Equity Strategy ETF 0.4
OMFS B Oppenheimer Russell 2000 Dynamic Multifactor ETF 0.39
ESGE D iShares MSCI EM ESG Optimized ETF 0.39
RNEM B First Trust Emerging Markets Equity Select ETF 0.36
FNDE A Schwab Fundamental Emerging Markets Large Company Index ETF 0.34
EMSG D Xtrackers MSCI Emerging Markets ESG Leaders Equity ETF 0.33
IXP A iShares Global Telecom ETF 0.31
EMXC A iShares MSCI Emerging Markets ex China ETF 0.27
PXH C PowerShares FTSE RAFI Emerging Markets Portfolio 0.26
GMF D SPDR S&P Emerging Asia Pacific ETF 0.26
SPEM D SPDR Index Shares Fund SPDR Portfolio Emerging Markets ETF 0.25
EEMA D iShares MSCI Emerging Markets Asia Index Fund 0.24
IYZ A iShares U.S. Telecommunications ETF 0.24
ETHO B Etho Climate Leadership U.S. ETF 0.22
GEM C Goldman Sachs ActiveBeta Emerging Markets Equity ETF 0.21
AAXJ D iShares MSCI All Country Asia ex Japan Index Fund 0.21
RWJ B RevenueShares Small Cap 0.2
FLAX D Franklin FTSE Asia ex Japan ETF 0.2
BKEM D BNY Mellon Emerging Markets Equity ETF 0.2
EEMX D SPDR MSCI Emerging Markets Fuel Reserves Free ETF 0.19
JPSE B JPMorgan Diversified Return U.S. Small Cap Equity ETF 0.19
PBEE D PowerShares PureBeta FTSE Emerging Markets Portfolio 0.19
GSEE D Goldman Sachs MarketBeta Emerging Markets Equity ETF 0.19
LTL A ProShares Ultra Telecommunications ProShares 0.18
EEM D iShares MSCI Emerging Index Fund 0.18
EWSC B Guggenheim S&P SmallCap 600 Equal Weight ETF 0.18
SMMV A iShares Trust ETF 0.17
IEMG D iShares Core MSCI Emerging Markets ETF 0.16
SLYG B SPDR S&P 600 Small Cap Growth ETF (based on S&P SmallCap 600 Growth Index) 0.16
DBEM D db-X trackers MSCI Emerging Markets Hedged Equity Fund 0.16
VIOG B Vanguard S&P Small-Cap 600 Growth ETF 0.16
IWC D iShares Microcap ETF 0.14
AVEM C Avantis Emerging Markets Equity ETF 0.14
DFAE C Dimensional Emerging Core Equity Market ETF 0.14
PRFZ B PowerShares FTSE RAFI US 1500 Small-Mid Portfolio 0.13
JSTC A Adasina Social Justice All Cap Global ETF 0.12
ACSG A Xtrackers MSCI ACWI ex USA ESG Leaders Equity ETF 0.12
FLQG A Franklin LibertyQ Global Equity ETF 0.11
USVM B USAA MSCI USA Small Cap Value Momentum Blend Index ETF 0.09
SLY B SPDR S&P 600 Small Cap ETF (based on S&P SmallCap 600 Index) 0.08
SPSM B SPDR Portfolio Small Cap ETF 0.08
VIOO B Vanguard S&P Small-Cap 600 ETF 0.08
RODE A Hartford Multifactor Diversified International ETF 0.07
VOX A Vanguard Telecom ETF - DNQ 0.07
FCOM A Fidelity MSCI Telecommunication Services Index ETF 0.06
CRBN A iShares MSCI ACWI Low Carbon Target ETF 0.05
SAA B ProShares Ultra SmallCap600 0.05
ACWX A iShares MSCI ACWI ex US Index Fund 0.05
FNDA B Schwab Fundamental U.S. Small Company Index ETF 0.05
DMRS B DeltaShares S&P 600 Managed Risk ETF 0.05
LOWC A SPDR MSCI ACWI Low Carbon Target ETF 0.04
VTWV B Vanguard Russell 2000 Value ETF 0.04
DBAW A db X-trackers MSCI All World ex US Hedged Equity Fund 0.04
BBSC C JPMorgan BetaBuilders U.S. Small Cap Equity ETF 0.04
XJR B iShares ESG Screened S&P Small-Cap ETF 0.04
IXUS A iShares Core MSCI Total International Stock ETF 0.04
IWM C iShares Russell 2000 ETF 0.03
IWN B iShares Russell 2000 Value ETF 0.03
ESML B iShares MSCI USA Small-Cap ESG Optimized ETF 0.03
VTWO C Vanguard Russell 2000 ETF 0.03
VXF B Vanguard Extended Market ETF 0.02
PBSM A PowerShares PureBeta MSCI USA Small Cap Portfolio 0.02
UWM C ProShares Ultra Russell2000 0.02
GSSC B GS ActiveBeta U.S. Small Cap Equity ETF 0.02
SCHA B Schwab U.S. Small-Cap ETF 0.02
VTWG D Vanguard Russell 2000 Growth ETF 0.02
VTI A Vanguard Total Stock Market ETF 0.02
IWO D iShares Russell 2000 Growth ETF 0.02
MMTM A SPDR S&P 1500 Momentum Tilt ETF 0.01
IJR B iShares Core S&P Small-Cap ETF 0.01
FRDM A Freedom 100 Emerging Markets ETF 0.01
STSB B iShares Factors US Small Blend Style ETF 0.01
HKND B Humankind Benefit Corp US Stock ETF 0.01
HDG D ProShares Hedge Replication ETF 0.01
VTHR A Vanguard Russell 3000 ETF 0.01
URTY C ProShares UltraPro Russell2000 0.01
TILT A FlexShares Mornigstar US Market Factors Tilt Index Fund ETF 0.01
VLU A SPDR S&P 1500 Value Tilt ETF 0.0
ITOT A iShares Core S&P Total U.S. Stock Market ETF 0.0
FNDB A Schwab Fundamental U.S. Broad Market Index ETF 0.0
IWV A iShares Russell 3000 ETF 0.0
SPTM A SPDR Portfolio Total Stock Market ETF 0.0
SCHB A Schwab U.S. Broad Market ETF 0.0

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