Laboratory Software ETF List

ETFs which hold one or more stocks tagged as: Laboratory Software.

Symbol Grade Name Weight
DWSH F AdvisorShares Dorsey Wright Short ETF 37.4
MJO D MicroSectors Cannabis 2X Leveraged ETNs 19.8
MJJ D MicroSectors Cannabis ETNs 19.8
PHO A Invesco Water Resources ETF 8.36
PIO A PowerShares Global Water Portfolio 8.21
FIW A First Trust ISE Water Index Fund 8.21
PTH D Invesco DWA Healthcare Momentum ETF 4.62
DEMZ A DEMZ Political Contributions ETF 4.48
GNOM D Global X Genomics & Biotechnology ETF 4.42
EDOC D Global X Telemedicine & Digital Health ETF 4.19
RYH A Guggenheim S&P 500 Equal Weight Healthcare ETF 3.41
XRLV A PowerShares S&P 500 ex-Rate Sensitive Low Volatility Portfolio 2.9
DVOL A First Trust Dorsey Wright Momentum & Low Volatility ETF 2.88
FCPI B Fidelity Stocks for Inflation ETF 2.65
PWC A PowerShares XTF: Dynamic Market Portfolio 2.48
NULG A NuShares ESG Large-Cap Growth ETF 2.45
TDVG A T. Rowe Price Dividend Growth ETF 2.44
NUMG A NuShares ESG Mid-Cap Growth ETF 2.44
VIRS A Pacer BioThreat Strategy ETF 2.41
JHMH A John Hancock Multifactor Healthcare ETF 2.29
PEXL A Pacer US Export Leaders ETF 2.16
HELX D Franklin Genomic Advancements ETF 2.08
LSAF B LeaderShares AlphaFactor US Core Equity ETF 2.06
STNC C Stance Equity ESG Large Cap Core ETF 1.93
TEGS B Trend Aggregation ESG ETF 1.9
SPLV A PowerShares S&P 500 Low Volatility Portfolio ETF 1.81
AMOM B QRAFT AI-Enhanced U.S. Large Cap Momentum ETF 1.75
PSET A Principal Price Setters Index ETF 1.69
SIMS B SPDR S&P Kensho Intelligent Structures ETF 1.62
FDMO B Fidelity Momentum Factor ETF 1.57
SUSA A iShares MSCI USA ESG Select ETF 1.55
XLV A SPDR Select Sector Fund - Health Care 1.55
XLI A SPDR Select Sector Fund - Industrial 1.46
AVDR C AVDR US LargeCap Leading ETF 1.45
PWB B PowerShares Dynamic LargeCap Growth 1.43
ADME A Aptus Drawdown Managed Equity ETF 1.42
RGI A Guggenheim S&P 500 Equal Weight Industrials ETF 1.4
IYH A iShares U.S. Healthcare ETF 1.4
NOBL A ProShares S&P 500 Aristocrats ETF 1.35
ESNG A Direxion MSCI USA ESG - Leaders vs. Laggards ETF 1.33
MOAT A Market Vectors Wide Moat ETF 1.31
IMCG B iShares Morningstar Mid-Cap Growth ETF 1.3
VHT A Vanguard Health Care ETF 1.2
VIS A Vanguard Industrials ETF - DNQ 1.2
HTEC B Robo Global Healthcare Technology and Innovation ETF 1.19
TGRW B T. Rowe Price Growth Stock ETF 1.19
HUSV A First Trust Exchange-Traded Fund III First Trust Horizon Managed Volatility Domestic ETF 1.19
VFLQ A Vanguard U.S. Liquidity Factor ETF 1.17
ACWF A iShares FactorSelect MSCI Global ETF 1.11
FHLC A Fidelity MSCI Health Care Index ETF 1.11
SPHQ A PowerShares S&P 500 High Quality Portfolio 1.1
RNLC A First Trust Large Cap US Equity Select ETF 1.1
LRGF A iShares FactorSelect MSCI USA ETF 1.08
FTC B First Trust Large Cap Growth AlphaDEX Fund (based on the Defined Large Cap Growth Index) 1.08
TPLC A Timothy Plan US Large Cap Core ETF 1.08
IXJ A iShares Global Healthcare ETF 1.07
FIDU A Fidelity MSCI Industrials Index ETF 1.07
QMJ A Direxion S&P 500 High minus Low Quality ETF 1.06
RXL A ProShares Ultra Health Care 1.04
DEF A Guggenheim Defensive Equity ETF 1.03
DUSL B Direxion Daily Industrials Bull 3X Shares 1.02
BLES B Inspire Global Hope Large Cap ETF 1.01
NULV A NuShares ESG Large-Cap Value ETF 0.99
BUFF D Innovator S&P 500 Diversified Power Buffer ETF 0.99
KRMA A Global X Conscious Companies ETF 0.99
RBUS A Nationwide Risk-Based U.S. Equity ETF 0.96
RPG B Guggenheim S&P 500 Pure Growth ETF 0.94
ESGA A American Century Sustainable Equity ETF 0.91
BIBL A Inspire 100 ETF 0.91
LVOL A American Century Low Volatility ETF 0.91
IYJ A iShares U.S. Industrials ETF 0.9
FLQM A Franklin LibertyQ U.S. Mid Cap Equity ETF 0.89
CURE A Direxion Daily Healthcare Bull 3X Shares 0.88
VOT B Vanguard Mid-Cap Growth ETF - DNQ 0.86
IWP B iShares Russell Midcap Growth ETF 0.86
IQM B Franklin Intelligent Machines ETF 0.86
DIVA A QuantShares Hedged Dividend Income Fund 0.85
FLLV A Franklin Liberty U.S. Low Volatility ETF 0.85
USMF A WisdomTree U.S. Multifactor Fund 0.84
TACE A Trend Aggregation Conservative ETF 0.83
JOET A Virtus Terranova U.S. Quality Momentum ETF 0.8
MTUM B iShares MSCI USA Momentum Factor ETF 0.78
IMCB A iShares Morningstar Mid-Cap ETF 0.78
EXI A iShares Global Industrials ETF 0.76
BKMC A BNY Mellon US Mid Cap Core Equity ETF 0.76
USXF A iShares ESG Advanced MSCI USA ETF 0.75
JMOM A JPMorgan U.S. Momentum Factor ETF 0.75
FXH A First Trust Health Care AlphaDEX 0.74
IEHS A iShares Evolved U.S. Healthcare Staples ETF 0.74
USLB A PowerShares Russell 1000 Low Beta Equal Weight Portfolio 0.73
RISN B Inspire Tactical Balanced ESG ETF 0.73
VNMC A Natixis Vaughan Nelson Mid Cap ETF 0.72
SPMO B PowerShares S&P 500 Momentum Portfolio 0.71
HLGE A Hartford Longevity Economy ETF 0.7
PQLC A PGIM QMA Strategic Alpha Large-Cap Core ETF 0.69
VFMO C Vanguard U.S. Momentum Factor ETF 0.68
JHMI A John Hancock Multifactor Industrials ETF 0.68
USSG A Xtrackers MSCI USA ESG Leaders Equity ETF 0.66
CFO A Compass EMP US 500 Enhanced Volatility Weighted Index ETF 0.66
CFA A Compass EMP US 500 Volatility Weighted Index ETF 0.66
JHMM A John Hancock Multifactor Mid Cap ETF 0.66
IWR A iShares Russell Mid-Cap ETF 0.65
LGLV A SPDR Russell 1000 Low Volatility ETF 0.65
SUSL A iShares ESG MSCI USA Leaders ETF 0.65
AFLG A First Trust Active Factor Large Cap ETF 0.64
STMB A iShares Factors US Mid Blend Style ETF 0.64
FAD C First Trust MuFirst Trust Multi CG AlphaDEX 0.63
RSP A Guggenheim S&P 500 Equal Weight ETF 0.62
UXI A ProShares Ultra Industrials 0.61
SPUS A SP Funds S&P 500 Sharia Industry Exclusions ETF 0.61
FXL B First Trust Technology AlphaDEX 0.6
DSI A iShares KLD 400 Social Index Fund 0.59
FQAL A Fidelity Quality Factor ETF 0.58
GSEW A Goldman Sachs Equal Weight U.S. Large Cap Equity ETF 0.58
VUG A Vanguard Growth ETF - DNQ 0.58
GSLC A Goldman Sachs ActiveBeta U.S. Large Cap Equity ETF 0.58
ESGU A iShares MSCI USA ESG Optimized ETF 0.57
IWS A iShares Russell Mid-cap Value ETF 0.56
QLC A FlexShares US Quality Large Cap Index Fund 0.54
MGK A Vanguard Mega Cap Growth ETF 0.53
ESG A FlexShares STOXX US ESG Impact Index Fund 0.51
BFOR A Barron's 400 0.51
TCHP B T. Rowe Price Blue Chip Growth ETF 0.5
JHML A John Hancock Multifactor Large Cap ETF 0.5
NULC A Nuveen ESG Large-Cap ETF 0.49
PALC B Pacer Lunt Large Cap Multi-Factor Alternator ETF 0.49
JCTR A JPMorgan Carbon Transition U.S. Equity ETF 0.49
BTAL F QuantShares U.S. Market Neutral Anti Beta Fund ETF 0.49
EUSA A iShares MSCI USA Index Fund 0.49
VIG A Vanguard Div Appreciation ETF - DNQ 0.47
ONEO A SPDR Russell 1000 Momentum Focus ETF 0.47
FLQL A Franklin LibertyQ U.S. Equity ETF 0.47
OMFL A Oppenheimer Russell 1000 Dynamic Multifactor ETF 0.47
VOOG A Vanguard S&P 500 Growth ETF 0.46
DEUS A Deutsche X-trackers Russell 1000 Enhanced Beta ETF 0.46
ILCG B iShares Morningstar Growth ETF 0.46
IQSU A IQ Candriam ESG US Equity ETF 0.45
KLDW A Exchange Listed Funds Trust GaveKal Knowledge Leaders Developed World ETF 0.45
ONEV A SPDR Russell 1000 Low Volatility Focus ETF 0.45
VSDA A VictoryShares Dividend Accelerator ETF 0.45
SPYG A SPDR S&P 500 Growth ETF (based on S&P 500 Growth Index) 0.44
VO A Vanguard Mid-Cap ETF - DNQ 0.43
VONV A Vanguard Russell 1000 Value ETF 0.42
USEQ A PowerShares Russell 1000 Enhanced Equal Weight Portfolio 0.42
IUSG A iShares Core U.S. Growth ETF 0.42
SPXT A ProShares S&P 500 Ex-Technology ETF 0.42
SCHG A Schwab U.S. Large-Cap Growth ETF 0.42
TDIV A First Trust Exchange-Traded Fund VI First Trust NASDAQ Technology Dividend Index Fund 0.41
IWD A iShares Russell 1000 Value ETF 0.39
SIZE A iShares MSCI USA Size Factor 0.38
QUAL A iShares MSCI USA Quality Factor ETF 0.38
CATH A Global X S&P 500 Catholic Values ETF 0.37
MMTM A SPDR S&P 1500 Momentum Tilt ETF 0.36
SPXN A ProShares S&P 500 Ex-Financials ETF 0.36
XVV B iShares ESG Screened S&P 500 ETF 0.36
SZNE A Pacer CFRA-Stovall Equal Weight Seasonal Rotation ETF 0.35
SPYX A SPDR S&P 500 Fossil Fuel Free ETF 0.34
VOO A Vanguard S&P 500 ETF 0.34
SPXE A ProShares S&P 500 Ex-Energy ETF 0.33
IJT C iShares S&P SmallCap 600 Growth ETF 0.33
FLSP C Franklin Liberty Systematic Style Premia ETF 0.33
PBP A PowerShares S&P 500 BuyWrite Portfolio 0.32
IJK A iShares S&P Mid-Cap 400 Growth ETF 0.32
XYLG A Global X S&P 500 Covered Call & Growth ETF 0.32
IJJ A iShares S&P Mid-Cap 400 Value ETF 0.32
IJS C iShares S&P SmallCap 600 Value ETF 0.32
STLG A iShares Factors US Growth Style ETF 0.32
IVE A iShares S&P 500 Value ETF 0.32
IVV A iShares Core S&P 500 ETF 0.32
IVW A iShares S&P 500 Growth ETF 0.32
XYLD B Global X Funds Global X S&P 500 Covered Call ETF 0.32
VV A Vanguard Large-Cap ETF - DNQ 0.32
JQUA A JPMorgan U.S. Quality Factor ETF 0.32
IJH A iShares Core S&P Mid-Cap ETF 0.32
QRFT B QRAFT AI-Enhanced U.S. Large Cap ETF 0.31
STLV A iShares Factors US Value Style ETF 0.31
GSUS A Goldman Sachs MarketBeta U.S. Equity ETF 0.31
SPY A SPDR S&P 500 0.31
SPLG A SPDR Series Trust SPDR Portfolio Large Cap ETF 0.31
IMCV A iShares Morningstar Mid-Cap Value ETF 0.31
ILCB A iShares Morningstar U.S. Equity ETF 0.31
VONE A Vanguard Russell 1000 ETF 0.31
HLAL A Wahed FTSE USA Shariah ETF 0.31
PBUS A PowerShares PureBeta MSCI USA Portfolio 0.31
ONOF A Global X Adaptive U.S. Risk Management ETF 0.31
TUSA B First Trust Total US Market AlphaDEX ETF 0.31
PWS B Pacer WealthShield ETF 0.3
IWX A iShares Russell Top 200 Value ETF 0.3
BBUS A JPMorgan BetaBuilders U.S. Equity ETF 0.3
PFM A PowerShares Dividend Achievers 0.3
DFAU A Dimensional US Core Equity Market ETF 0.3
PTLC A Pacer Trendpilot 750 ETF 0.3
DYNF A BlackRock U.S. Equity Factor Rotation ETF 0.3
MGC A Vanguard Mega Cap ETF 0.29
DWPP A First Trust Dorsey Wright People's Portfolio ETF 0.29
TTAC A TrimTabs Float Shrink ETF 0.29
JVAL A JPMorgan U.S. Value Factor ETF 0.29
IWB A iShares Russell 1000 ETF 0.28

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