ETF Components for PTH - Invesco DWA Healthcare Momentum ETF

Below is a list of stocks held by this ETF. We only list holdings in the same market. If this is a global ETF, there may be additional components other than those listed here.


Symbol Grade Price % Change Allocation
BNGO F -6.75 4.53
HZNP B -0.19 4.30
FLGT D 1.37 3.98
IDXX C -0.54 3.68
SEEL C -2.23 3.33
ACRS B 5.14 3.26
CRIS B 4.40 2.80
TXG B -2.60 2.56
CRL A -0.21 2.49
VCEL B 0.81 2.47
ALGN B -0.12 2.40
CTLT D 0.80 2.40
AVXL D -4.17 2.38
OMI B 1.30 2.30
BCRX D 5.21 2.26
MTD B -0.51 2.26
MEDP B -0.10 2.11
A B -0.75 2.03
NVAX D 3.43 1.84
CYH C -5.12 1.79
ENSG C 1.01 1.79
VERU F 0.51 1.74
ACHC B -0.05 1.72
ATRC B 0.52 1.60
THC D 1.20 1.57
ITCI D 4.00 1.57
XLRN D -0.71 1.56
OMCL B 2.34 1.55
TECH B -1.21 1.53
AXNX A 2.46 1.44
NARI C -5.10 1.39
CDXC D -3.98 1.36
BRKR B -2.10 1.34
MD D 0.66 1.30
MYGN D -1.31 1.28
GKOS D 1.84 1.28
SEM B 0.93 1.26
SGRY B 5.92 1.26
PDCO B 0.09 1.22
TMDX D 0.66 1.20
ORGO B 3.79 1.16
TVTY D 1.26 1.13
ONCT D -2.64 1.08
BKD B -0.59 1.04
ATEC B 0.53 1.01
EOLS C 0.51 0.98
CLDX D 3.73 0.96
INOV C 0.64 0.95
EVH C 0.15 0.93
HSKA D -1.57 0.89
PRTA B 2.52 0.87
SRRK F 6.07 0.52

Recent News for Invesco DWA Healthcare Momentum ETF & its Holdings

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Apr 14 NVAX Vaccine transparency is ‘the best course of action’: Doctor 
Apr 14 NVAX U.S. in unique position to force increased accountability at the WHO: FDD
Apr 14 TECH Ireland Watchdog Initiates Facebook Probe After Data Leak Reports: Reuters
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Apr 14 TECH AT&T Commits $2B To Extend Low-Cost Broadband Access To Underserved Communities
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The PowerShares Dynamic Healthcare Sector Portfolio (Fund) is based on the Dynamic Healthcare Sector IntellidexSM Index (Intellidex Index). The Fund will normally invest at least 90% of its total assets in common stocks that comprise the Index. The Intellidex Index thoroughly evaluates companies based on a variety of investment merit criteria, including: price momentum, earnings momentum, quality, management action, and value. The Underlying Intellidex Index is comprised of common stocks of 60 US health care companies. These are companies that are principally engaged in the business of providing health care-related products and services, including biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, medical technology and supplies, and facilities. The Fund and the Index are rebalanced and reconstituted quarterly in February, May, August and November.
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