Using the Combo Scan to Find Post-Earnings Fades

by TraderMike 8 months ago

Yesterday Dr. Duru and I were messaging about all the post-earnings fades (stocks which had gapped up and then sold off) we were seeing and he wondered how he could find such moves via SwiingTradeBot.  One answer is to use the Combo Scan.  Duru made a YouTube video showing how he scans for such movers:

Here are two scans that he shows in the video:

As he notes in the video, you can also scan to find the opposite -- stocks which had lower opens and then reversed and closed higher.  

P.S.  I left the following comment on YouTube to address a concern Duru had about the actual earnings dates:

One note about the "Earnings Mover" scan -- the scan description shows: "Stocks which reported earnings today or the day before." That's because STB has earnings dates but it doesn't know if the report is before or after the regular trading session.  For after-hours reports you won't see the reaction in the daily chart until the next day.  So when you scanned for the 8th, it actually pulls up stocks that reported on the 7th and the 8th in order to capture those which reported after hours on the 7th.


Dr_Duru 8 months ago

I didn't see the comment on YouTube, but thanks for the clarification on how the range on the earnings date can impact the scan!

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