Chronological Sequencing of Intraday Alerts

by SensitiveApe144 9 months ago

Is there a way to display Intraday Alerts as they happen across an entire portfolio, rather than grouped by individual stocks?  I know that this would happen in push alerts to a cell phone (which unfortunately I can't install from the Google store to an Android phone).  I'd like to periodically refresh my STB page to see what alerts are new in the last several minutes.  That would be a  push alert to a browser page.

TraderMike 9 months ago

Every watchlist and portfolio has buttons to configure & view alerts on the stocks contained in that list:

wl_and_port_intraday_alert_buttons.png 34.1 KB
You can also look at the alerts across all of your WLs & Ports in one shot using the My Stocks -> Intraday Alerts menu :

my_stocks_intraday_alerts_menu.png 104 KB
That's the page I use all day, every day.  

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SensitiveApe144 9 months ago

You're a wonder, Mike!  Thanks.

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