Market Recap for Thursday, March 16, 2023


SwingTradeBot 7 days ago

What are your thoughts on 'today's (2023-03-16) market action?

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TraderMike 7 days ago

Suddenly there's a lot less red in the trend table.  VTI & SPY reclaimed their 200 DMAs while the Dow attempted the same but didn't quite break through.  The small caps (IWM / Russell 2000) are lagging while large cap tech cruises along unbothered by all the drama in the financial stocks.

One thing that got my attention is that Bullish Engulfing is the #1 "Unusually Active Signal for the Day".  There are some really interesting charts in that scan today as many of those stocks are at or near their lower Bollinger Band... .. a bottom fisher's delight.

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EmbarrassedTrout424 7 days ago

Thanks for the Bullish Engulfing insight and the link to the signals.

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