Utica Shale Stocks List

Recent Signals

Date Stock Signal Type
2019-08-16 AM Shooting Star Candlestick Bearish
2019-08-16 ENSV New 52 Week Closing Low Bearish
2019-08-16 ENSV Lower Bollinger Band Walk Weakness
2019-08-16 ENSV Jack-in-the-Box Bearish Bearish Swing Setup

The Utica Shale is a stratigraphical unit of Upper Ordovician age in the Appalachian Basin. It
underlies much of the northeastern United States and adjacent parts of Canada.
It takes the name from the city of Utica, New York, as it was first described as an outcrop along the Starch Factory Creek east of the city by Ebenezer Emmons in 1842.

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