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Recent Signals

Date Stock Signal Type
2019-08-16 BRID Narrow Range Bar Range Contraction
2019-08-16 BRID New 52 Week Closing High Bullish
2019-08-16 BRID Stochastic Reached Overbought Strength
2019-08-16 BRID 180 Bullish Setup Bullish Swing Setup
2019-08-16 BYND Doji - Bullish? Reversal
2019-08-16 HRL Narrow Range Bar Range Contraction
2019-08-16 HRL NR7 Range Contraction
2019-08-16 NEOG Crossed Above 20 DMA Bullish
2019-08-16 PPC Three Weeks Tight Range Contraction
2019-08-16 PPC MACD Bearish Signal Line Cross Bearish
2019-08-16 TSN NR7 Range Contraction
2019-08-16 TSN Narrow Range Bar Range Contraction

Meat is animal flesh that is eaten as food. Humans have hunted and killed animals for meat since prehistoric times. The advent of civilization allowed the domestication of animals such as chickens, sheep, rabbits, pigs and cattle. This eventually led to their use in meat production on an industrial scale with the aid of slaughterhouses.
Meat is mainly composed of water, protein, and fat. It is edible raw, but is normally eaten after it has been cooked and seasoned or processed in a variety of ways. Unprocessed meat will spoil or rot within hours or days as a result of infection with and decomposition by bacteria and fungi.
Meat is important in economy and culture, even though its mass production and consumption has been determined to pose risks for human health and the environment. Many religions have rules about which meat may or may not be eaten, and vegetarian people abstain from eating meat because of concerns about the ethics of eating meat or about the effects of meat production or consumption.

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