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Possible Breakout Stock Scans
With the exception of the Upper Bollinger Band Walk scan, these scans identify stocks which have not yet broken out but may be poised to do so in the near future. They are in some kind of basing or consolidation pattern and have not yet risen past their buy points. Stocks found via the Upper Bollinger Band Walk scan will most likely already have broken out. However, it's possible that when a band walk just begins that a stock may not have yet broken a price resistance level.
Name Description
BB Squeeze + Upper Band Touch Stocks in a Bollinger Band Squeeze which touched the upper band.
Cup with Handle

This finds which have formed Cup-with-Handle patterns which are at least 8 weeks long and at most 9 months long.  The beginning, or left side, of cup has to start after a rally of at least 30%.

Then a 20% to 30% correction from the old high (left side cup edge) must occurs.  The stock then builds a rounded base which slowly climbs back toward the old high  The right edge of the cup must be at most 15% below the left edge (the old high).  Then a slight pullback occurs which forms the handle.

The handle can be a minimum of 1 week long & max of 6 weeks in duration. It must aslo form within the top half of the cup and be within 15% of the left side top of the cup.

The official / traditional buy point is when & if the stock rises above the RIGHT edge of the cup on higher than average volume.

Three Weeks Tight Stocks which formed a Three Weeks Tight Pattern
Upper Bollinger Band Walk Stocks which are walking up their upper Bollinger Bands