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2021-04-15 AVT Stochastic Sell Signal Bearish
2021-04-15 AVT Jack-in-the-Box Bullish Bullish Swing Setup
2021-04-15 BCO Fell Below 20 DMA Bearish
2021-04-15 EVRI Fell Below 20 DMA Bearish
2021-04-15 EVRI Bollinger Band Squeeze Range Contraction
2021-04-15 FOUR 180 Bullish Setup Bullish Swing Setup
2021-04-15 FOUR New Uptrend Bullish
2021-04-15 FOUR Non-ADX 1,2,3,4 Bullish Bullish Swing Setup
2021-04-15 FOUR NR7 Range Contraction
2021-04-15 IBM 20 DMA Resistance Bearish
2021-04-15 SCKT Hammer Candlestick Bullish

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Apr 15 IBM Dow ETF at All-Time Highs as Q1 Earnings Kick Off
Apr 15 IBM IBM To Acquire myInvenio To Drive Business Automation Abilities
Apr 15 IBM IBM to Acquire myInvenio to help Organizations Use AI-powered Automation to Better Streamline Business Processes
Apr 15 CATM Ahead Financials and Cardtronics Partner to Provide Surcharge-Free ATM Access to Banking Customers Nationwide
Apr 15 NCR Investors Will Want NCR's (NYSE:NCR) Growth In ROCE To Persist
Apr 14 IBM IBM (IBM) Gains As Market Dips: What You Should Know
Apr 14 CATM INVESTIGATION ALERT: Halper Sadeh LLP Investigates RMBL, CATM, ATH, CUB, CTB; Shareholders are Encouraged to Contact the Firm
Apr 14 NCR NCR Announces First Quarter 2021 Earnings Conference Call
Apr 14 IBM IBM flags more cyber attacks on COVID vaccine infrastructure
Apr 14 IBM 14 Best Cloud Computing Stocks To Invest In
Apr 14 AVT Avnet to Report Third Quarter Fiscal Year 2021 Earnings on April 28
Apr 14 IBM The Zacks Analyst Blog Highlights: Home Depot, Toyota, International Business Machines, Merck and CVS Health
Apr 14 IBM IBM, Red Hat and Cobuilder Spearhead Development of OpenBuilt to Accelerate Digital Transformation across the Construction Industry with a Hybrid Cloud Approach
Apr 13 IBM Top Research Reports for Home Depot, Toyota & IBM
Apr 13 CATM SHAREHOLDER ALERT: WeissLaw LLP Reminds CATM, MSGN, MX, and PFBI Shareholders About Its Ongoing Investigations
Apr 13 SCKT Socket Mobile Announces 2021 First Quarter Results Release Date and Conference Call
Apr 13 IBM The Bull And Bear Case For BlackBerry And IBM
Apr 13 BCO Brink’s First-Quarter Earnings Release and Conference Call Scheduled for April 28
Apr 13 IBM Blackberry Partners With IBM To Provide Spark Platform Across Canada

An embedded system is a controller programmed and controlled by a real-time operating system (RTOS) with a dedicated function within a larger mechanical or electrical system, often with real-time computing constraints. It is embedded as part of a complete device often including hardware and mechanical parts. Embedded systems control many devices in common use today. Ninety-eight percent of all microprocessors are manufactured to serve as embedded system component.Examples of properties of typical embedded computers when compared with general-purpose counterparts are low power consumption, small size, rugged operating ranges, and low per-unit cost. This comes at the price of limited processing resources, which make them significantly more difficult to program and to interact with. However, by building intelligence mechanisms on top of the hardware, taking advantage of possible existing sensors and the existence of a network of embedded units, one can both optimally manage available resources at the unit and network levels as well as provide augmented functions, well beyond those available. For example, intelligent techniques can be designed to manage power consumption of embedded systems.Modern embedded systems are often based on microcontrollers (i.e. CPUs with integrated memory or peripheral interfaces), but ordinary microprocessors (using external chips for memory and peripheral interface circuits) are also common, especially in more complex systems. In either case, the processor(s) used may be types ranging from general purpose to those specialized in certain class of computations, or even custom designed for the application at hand. A common standard class of dedicated processors is the digital signal processor (DSP).
Since the embedded system is dedicated to specific tasks, design engineers can optimize it to reduce the size and cost of the product and increase the reliability and performance. Some embedded systems are mass-produced, benefiting from economies of scale.
Embedded systems range from portable devices such as digital watches and MP3 players, to large stationary installations like traffic lights, factory controllers, and largely complex systems like hybrid vehicles, MRI, and avionics. Complexity varies from low, with a single microcontroller chip, to very high with multiple units, peripherals and networks mounted inside a large chassis or enclosure.

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